Wednesday morning


Good morning! I’m actually up early for. Once in my life so I figured I’d treat myself to the Wednesday thread. Got MY MA interview today so everyone better give me well wishes


Good luck!

I might be late for work


OH NO can someone delete the one I made


Get a bloody move on!


Your one has a better title


I changed it to “Pigeon story” now phew


Feel chipper again except i know the full reason is because the sun is out haha nothing can stop me (apart from the 7 months of winter darkness)


Up early for a Skype meeting. Urgh. Working from home today as I’m hopefully (fingers crossed) getting delivery of my entire life shipped over from the UK. Fully expecting everything to be completely broken.

Need a bucket of coffee, stat!




I’m going to the pub this evening. Feel like I haven’t been to the pub in ages. Quite excited.


good morning
good luck


Waiting in for a BT engineer again.

Today is my Friday.


Good morning!!! I popped a sack full of four leaf clovers in the post there for ya pinkybrain :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: when you go in for your interview grab handfuls of them and flamboyantly sprinkle them about the room like pixie dust. It’s a risky tactic but I promise you extremely amounts of luck will befall you and anyone else they touch! Trust me :slight_smile: :four_leaf_clover:

Got the dentist in a wee bit and later I’m thinking of going to Bodypump?! Has anyone else ever done this? I obviously know what it involves but I love how potentially disgusting it sounds. :muscle:


Body Pump is good! I used to get confused between body pump and body attack and I used to dislike body attack as it was just jumping around loads and I can’t be arsed for that. These tits don’t like to be jumped.


Semi-cycling related: I came 5th in my Peloton class last night and i’m SO CHUFFED its unreal. I usually finish about 15th-20th but I proper pushed it and I had a tiny happy cry at the end.

Tonight I will just be laying on my arse binge watching more Veep. God I love Gary so much.


Haha I’ve done body attack before, I thought it was a bit hilarious. I have no coordination so it’s not something I’d go back to though I enjoyed it at the time! My friend who accompanied me forgot her sports bra :scream: she was extremely uncomfortable!! Ahh!! Good to know about bodypump! I get the fear a bit when starting a new class :confused: congrats on your peloton class :slight_smile: you’re a proper inspiration by the way. Reading your posts about gyming and all your results pushed me to get back into it.


It’s good, and you can totally make it suitable for your level by how much weight you put on your bar. For your first time I would start low, don’t get caught up in how much some people have on their bars. Then next time you can up it accordingly.


should I have a mcdonalds breakfast for a third day in a row?


obviously yes


Do you go to Virgin Active? They used to have this class I loved there called 24. It was 24 mins of HIIT and it was soooo good at getting you fit really quickly. Also the box fit class was also a favorite of mine.

hahaha there is nothing worse than forgetting your sports bra!

Oh don’t be silly!! I’m flattered though, thank you! Do you enjoy it? I’m only so into it because I enjoy it and theres like a little community where I go that everyone is super supportive, especially girls being supportive of each other, its amazing!