Wednesday morning


Woke up early because I’m ill :face_with_thermometer:

I’m flying to Switzerland today for just over five weeks and I haven’t packed so I should probably have a crack at that this morning.

Wuu2 huns?

Morning! It’s my birthday…R made me a Half Life themed card :grin:

Got my favourite chevron dress on to celebrate :balloon::gift::cake:


Morning carmen (GWS), dilli, slinky (HB!), witcho (typing away),

Slept fine despite my coffee intake.

Got loads to do today but been watching videos about Peregrine falcons for about 15 mins which wasn’t on my to do list.

Pub quiz this eve but will try keep drink intake to a minimum.

Got that Cher song gypsys, tramps and thieves stuck in my head.

Hello carmen and dillingerswheelman :blush:

Hope you feel better carmen, sorry to hear you’re not feeling well :confused: Did you do your talk? How did it go?

went to bed last night at 22:00 and it was brilliant, still tired though :sleeping: today does not involve any plumping. I am delighted about this.

Had a dream about another DiSer, they took me to one side to reveal their deep, dark secret… their big toes are alien centipede worms :grimacing: it was awful. “They can’t remove them” :scream:


Happy birthday slicky!

Morning all.


Happy birthday Slicky! Got owt fun planned?


Just driven home from Manchester Airport - little bro flew in from Barcelona last night. He lives out there but got the first available flight home cos it’s all a bit shitty there. So now I have a teenage boy to entertain for a while. Hooray. Think this might be the start of him moving back to the UK permanently, it has been discussed. Families eh?

No plans today. Probably just pizza.

It was OK cheers, got some hard questions from the students that were nothing to do with anything I’d talked about but think I did OK. It’s only the start of the year and from experience they don’t believe anything anyone says until about three months into the course anyway.

Really want to know who your worm-toed DiSer is.

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Going to work :wink:

Out on Friday night for pizza and wine

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Happy birthday @slicky !!! :birthday: :balloon:

@nemrac yeah, I would too! I can’t remember who it was. Ominous. Wormy-toe secret.

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Unlike Carmen, I think I am no longer ill, which is good.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by work right now. Think I need to make a to do list and a gantt chart to get my head around everything, but i HATE making gantt charts.

Haha plumping?


Morning all. Had a long and very dreamy sleep: I dreamt my teeth were falling out; I dreamt that I had a conversation with my boss’s boss whilst he was cycling and he told me how sad he’d been the past couple of days; I then had a third dream which was really nice but the alarm went off during that one. Typical DiSer.

Any weird alien toes?

Me? Or in my dream?



Nice of my daughter’s reading book to include a recent DiSism :bird:


Why are there always kids called Biff in kids’ books? I have never met anyone called Biff.

Morning everyone! Happy birthday, @Slicky!

I’m into the second of three six day weeks as I have some freelance work on Saturdays, so I don’t really have that usual ‘halfway through the week’ feeling. Other than that I’m good.

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That’s exactly what someone with weird alien toes would say.