Wednesday Morning?


Bit tired.

Pizza tonight before the football.


I’m shattered. Day off tomorrow. Baby slept right through until 5.30 though.

The shop has gone full on brexit, with St George’s Crosses hanging about everywhere.

Gonna have a few beers and nice dinner and cuddles when I get in, then watch the footie


All right Keith, rich and etc

In Glasgow for work. Going to see Paul Simon with my dad tonight! :smiley:


morning all

WFH - builders are her.

The BBQ I ordered yesterday is coming today, so that’s the end of the nice weather for the foreseeable. Sorry everyone (or “you’re welcome” to the heat haters)

Will watch the football with the kids tonight (except the one who’s off at camp)


i am ill, was scared to phone in sick in case my boss thought i’d just drank too much watching football, wfh though so won’t do much


Today will be medium hellish BUT tonight is footi so.


Morning keith, etc.

So, it turns out I signed up for some interview with work experience kids this morning (back in May), who want to know “what it’s really like to work in a research environment” – lucky for them I’ve just been on holiday :joy:

:pizza: for lunch and :soccer: tonight. go team!!!


Feel like I’ve picked up a cold overnight.

Taking Ripley to the vet again at half 3,
New THREE TIER cage due to arrive this evening; new home for Ripley and Jabberwocky to share when they’re ready.


Oh electrician is coming to fit an armoured cable because hot tub is now 6 DAYS AWAY


where are you going to go back in time to?


Today. Maybe I already have :astonished:


to the xylotub!!


Morning all,

Nothing much to report from me, except noting the blankness of my diary at the moment. The only thing whatsoever in the next fortnight (other than noting where my other half is out) is a gig next Thursday. Must do something about that.


who wins the world cup?


The finalists who play better, and I’ll tell you it’s fucking insane. I won’t give anything away though because it would steal Gareth’s thunder


Was meant to start work an hour ago so I could finish early and bag a table for the match. Will probably end up taking my laptop to the pub at 4pm at this rate.


How many more days of football are there? It must nearly be over?


If England win it’ll never be over


Celtic played their first game of the season yesterday…


I was so sick last week and everyones like “yeah right I bet you’re just out enjoying the sun” and i’m like no i fucking hate the sun!