Wednesday Morning?

I think a quick text to check would be fine? I don’t think I would mind if it were me.


do it!


Sat in a handover meeting to discuss my handover notes. Just let me go and write them!

Left the house two minutes ago and already seen two waistcoats


not seen many cutting about glasgow funnily enough

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It begins!

Am very tempted to sack this off and have a nice walk around Regent’s Park. Turn up, sign in, do one.

Forty five minutes late in for work, everyone knew I had been out on the piss watching the WORLD CUP!

Grand soft day in here though. Might miss the game later as my GF and I are going for dinner and meeting a potential future housemate.

that’ll change come the marching season i’m sure



STILL in a meeting discussing handover. Let me go and do the work ffs.

That’s cos you’ve not bumped into me today :wink:


“On behalf of, we miss you and hope you are doing well x”

How does that sound?

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not threatening enough. i’d go something like

“get back on the boards or else.”


“On behalf of, we miss you and hope you are doing well x p.s japes says get back on the board or else”


My friend offered a burglar a cup of tea once! Her flatmate had brought a guy back the night before and she thought that the person she could hear moving around in her room after the flatmate had gone out was him.


Ooh god :scream: that’s awful :frowning: your poor friend!!!

did the burglar graciously accept?

She was fine, the bloke looked a bit surprised and said no so she left him alone and it wasn’t until her flatmate got home and found her laptop missing that my friend found out he’d been a burglar and not the bloke from the night before!

No, that would have been a bold move