Wednesday Morning?

honestly could fuck off for 15 minutes and nobody would care.

Morning everyone :wave: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Got a meeting later on I’m a wee bit nervous about. I really hope it goes well :crossed_fingers: aaah!!

So, our block of flats got broken in to the other day. One flat was affected, I was in all day and it’s kinda freaked me out :confused: I’m wondering if the flat didn’t double lock their door or what. How easy is it to break in to a door that’s been deadlocked?

In protest at having to drive to fucking Stockton-on-Tees today and then back tomorrow, I am doing literally no work.

what kind of door? you’d have to break the door itself I guess.

where is @slicky :frowning: this is getting silly.


Depends very much on the door and the type of deadlock.

I may be completely wrong, but I think statistically, the flat that was broken into is ironically at greater risk of being burgled again in the near future rather than yours now though.

They’re big heavy doors. @anon76851889 I just remember an old work mate telling me about the time she locked herself out of her flat and managed to use a credit card to break back in!! :grimacing:

I’m guessing your old work mate hadn’t deadlocked it if that was the case!


Yeah she hadn’t. Argh. ive had friends who have come home to find people stealing things. I wouldn’t know what to do. I’d be so tempted to take them down but I know that would be a silly idea. My friend thought the guy was there to fix the shower and offered him a cup of tea before she realised he was holding her very expensive camera


Obviously it’s not an irrational fear you’ve got, but if you’re in a block of flats and you do all the basics (double lock the door, shut the windows etc), chances are any burglars will pick a less secure place rather than yours.

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“um… here to mend your camera?”

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Aaah he ran away and she started chasing him until she realised she had no idea what she would do if she caught him :confused:

The tv and I don’t really have too much of value expect our computers and the (other) tv. Tho I do have a lot of old wall charts that probably are worth a wee bit if you knew your way around Etsy, we were imagining this hipster thief being all “Ooo, a vintage framed French bird chart! I’ll have that. A plastic pineapple ice bucket from the seventies, yes!!” The tv reassured me they would not be fussed about them.


I now have an image of a thief running down the road clutching your TV under their arm. (human TV, not electric)

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Got a promotion yesterday, they wanted me to start today. I told them I could start Monday.

I am the beach instead

And I didn’t even have to use my AK



Does anyone have her on Facebook or something?

That’s shit.
Can you double lock the communal front door? Is that practical? If you can then burglars won’t even bother with your block.

If you can’t, then double-lock (at least) your flat door. Consider upgrading your latch lock to one with a monitor bolt (an anti-slipping device). If your door and frame are solid then you’ll be fine, if it’s a bit wobbly or loose-fitting you could also install a London bar (a strip of metal which strengthens the frame).
Call 999 if you hear or see any suspicious activity in the block. Don’t worry about wasting police time or whatever. It’s what they’re there for.

Fucking hard if it’s a good solid door and frame; piece of piss if it’s a new-build cheap job

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I just accidentally liked a post because of fat fingers but I don’t know whose it was or what thread it was on (it randomly appeared when I opened up DiS)…

wasn’t mine!

hope that helps


I can’t lift my head up all the way (was doing some of that there “head banging” last night) and I have pretty bad tinniitus in my right ear. Listening to Deafheaven in my left ear only to be safe.

Doing everything I can to survive the working day, then this evening doing podcast recording and afterwards meeting up with someone who I really respect to talk about putting a show on in January. Will mostly just be sitting there agreeing with everything she says.

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Just led a meeting and have used up my charisma for the week. Now have far too long before my flight back.