Wednesday Morning?


And that’s why I have stone walls in my garden


I got a message back from Slicky!

Hello my lovely! Thank you so much, I am good just having a bit of time out…I will be back soon once summer holidays are here. Tell zxcvbnm [@1000YearBanFFS] thanks I have seen his @s and he’s a superstar. :grinning: Xx


fucking love pigeons, got some belters down here in cornwall


oh I am pleased


is your brother Matt Berry?


fireman top left is walking away in disgust


she’s gonna be so gutted when she comes back to find she missed out on ma0sm compliment day


“Fuck this. I’m supposed to be here to save lives and rescue cats, not deal with idiots setting fire to their gardens.”


Need to get in the car and start this four hour drive now. Well, 10 minutes ago, really.

Yep. Any minute now.


are you driving to stockton-on-tees in a tee or a shirt


Shirt for now, but I’m a bit stopped up, so it could be taps aff at any service station along the way.


just finished constructing my weber 57cm classic kettle BBQ in black

gonna have a (fairly basic as we will be pushed for time) cook out tonight!


That’s great. Wish I had enough pals for a game.