Wednesday Next Generation Football Thread



Gonna be dead good when Rashford comes on and scores the winner in the 89th minute on Saturday, eh.

Champions of Europe lose to Switzerland. Former Champions elect held by Belarus. They could do that ten times over and you’d still rather be them than an Allardyce-managed England.

Dean Saunders confirmed as a nobhead:

This topic is similar to two already posted, apparently. The price you pay for enriching the conversation.

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I don’t like it here.


we don’t like you here either


Has anyone ever turned over to Sky Sports News and it not been on an ad break?


I wanted to make the first football thread of the new generation but I had already made too many :cry:


In our hearts you already made it, @antpocalypsenow :heart:


Good result for the Chelsea diaspora in the U-21’s last night. Rashford may not play much for United, but our guys don’t play at all.


Lmao suck on it wimp


Man U starting xi for saturday



Oh wow, it shows how many times a link has been clicked! Talk about incisive social media data about your audience!


I just clicked on the link 12 times. I’m hoping I’ll win some sort of prize…


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Let’s try a link to an image:


Restrictions have been lifted:


which ones are the twins?


Hopefully Micky is fit

----------Fellaini-Pogba -------
---------------Zlatan -------------


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Restrictions have been lifted image[/quote]
WHO’S WHO? :heart_eyes:


what twins?



I am thinking about having a ‘Football Unfocussed’ sub-category on the boards. What do you think?