Wednesday night feat. Knobbed


It’s my Friday and that @GarethI suggested I might end up the eve slightly knobbed. How about we find out together with this lovely thread for Wednesday evening?

I can’t promise I won’t rant and rave about something that’s been mildly annoying and upsetting me.


I’m getting Wagama because I have a headache and the mushrooms I was going to use to make dinner now have smaller, different mushrooms on them.

Might do a sleep after that.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got.

Just had my third pint.

Probably going to get semi-knobbed.

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going to make something involving some amber rice noodles I recently purchased

I’ve found my favourite thing in the world which is jazz renditions of streets of rage music



Evening tilty, evening all. I’m still working, which is not the usual state of play at this time on a Wednesday. I’ve not had a drink the past couple of nights, and it’s nauseating just how much easier it is to get up the next day. I reckon it’s an age thing.
No particular plans for tonight, apart from listening to Computer Love, which I discovered on my shelf the other night when I was looking for Technique, which I was convinced I own but don’t.


working mostly.
might eat some food at some point.

Sounds to me like you have gotten extra value for money out of your mushrooms. (other than the fact all mushrooms are gross, so maybe actually they’ve done you a favour).

Making your tofu ribs recipe tomorrow btw, if I don’t have some sort of meltdown before/during.


Off for fish and chips. Gotta wait til 7 for a table so having a beer

Found out I didn’t get a job I interviewed for (not that surprised - both a promotion and a slight change in field and also I just suck at job interviews) just before finishing work.

Then I went to all the way to a big Morrison’s and got IDed trying to buy beer. Didn’t have an ID because the interview guidance told me I’d need to show photo ID (I didn’t)

Having a great evening so far :partying_face:

Getting taught to play Carcassonne later. Hope that’s fun?

Gonna make a salad.

Carcassonne is such a great game. Find it quite therapeutic, building the board, screwing over my enemies.

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Main grounds on which my partner has sold it to me


Italian food with family tonight. Everyone’s taken some midweek days off to hang together which is nice. Hopefully father in law will be in the mood for a whiskey and records evening

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Had a semi-productive day. Gonna watch shit TV and make steak tacos so that’s nice too.

Evening all. It’s my Thursday morning. Wanna get knobbed, but will have to settle for a night of making booze instead of consuming it :man_shrugging:

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Three rejection emails today for jobs I should easily be getting interviews for :+1:t2: dunno what I’m doing wrong as ever. Maybe I’m destined to be in Bristol forever.

Other than whinging I think I’ll spend tonight playing Fall Guys, watching Teachers, having a walk and maaaybe applying for some more jobs.

Too depressed to do anything but not sure I want to go to bed yet

Let me take a photo of the full page so you’ve got something other than my ramblings to go on.

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Do like a sticky glaze.