Wednesday night thread



alright? how is your evening looking?

chat etc.


in the last hour i have:
managed to fall out of a car
got a flu jab
witnessed a really good exchange at the chemist:
kid (about 9 or 10, takes breath spray from the shelf): alreet da? can i have a quid for this, cause i’m a proper g?
dad: ask ya ma
mam: why? you’ll never pull birds with that top
kid (covered in gravy, spraying breath freshener in his mouth): i’ve had two today already



I slept so much last night/today, like it was extreme even for me (I sleep a lot because of health reasons). My head feels all weird now. But I’ve managed to write up a review and send it off, if this goes well I’ll get back into reviewing for one of the very few publications that can still afford to actually pay freelance writers over here. Fingers crossed for wr, guys.

Need to prepare for a thing tomorrow. Should have went to the bank today as well.

Thinking about dinner, probably just going to roast everything I have in the oven tbh.


Alright geeb et al. Just out of work, gonna get 3 trains and go and do some more work :dizzy_face:


Have a working computer again, which is nice.

Won an expensive holiday I could never afford in a competition this afternoon, but I haven’t been given all the details yet of exactly what dates they allow the booking for and so on. Weird mix of exciting and frustrating, esp as things have been pretty crap lately for me.

Like yay I won the competition, but also anxiety about whether it’s really happening until I have the firm flight and hotel bookings and not wanting to jinx it. Messaged a friend who I know would like to go, and who has a flexible enough schedule and it was like “hey do you want to go on a free holiday at some time I don’t know yet?”


Spent the day cleaning my room and then the kitchen, followed by a massive poster run taking in the whole city. I’m beat now as I’ve been awake since six.

Going to listen to that podcast about ‘Alien’ that someone recommended in the podcast thread, then start on the articles I’m meant to be writing. Have to have two done for tomorrow, then one for Friday.


what a life!


Evening team, off out for dinner tonight with tv and some of her work colleagues.


just had a very early, simple jazz tea. fish and tenderstem broccoli. ate loads of rich food over the weekend, so back to simple life again. white fish, rice, green shit, nuts and seeds. easy

might watch a movie tonight. or listen to new jazz records. thoughts?

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evening @penoid and @dis

I was planning on making beef with broccoli (I have beef and broccoli and no other ingredients) but jet lag is hitting me hard. might just go sleep instead.


Would you dunk your beef?


i would certainly be inclined to try


I will leave this here.


I wish I had some broccoli now.

Also: Just drank some iced coffee that had gone off :confounded:


probably in my top 5 all time green things to eat, the old broccoli


what did you do that for


Driving back to see my parents for a few days

Just ate a whole pizza and one of the pizza garlic breads


I didn’t think it had gone off JAPES


Love tenderstem broccoli, griddled with loads of garlic and chilli


Gonna power nap, catch you in 30