Wednesday night thread



how is everyone doing?

anything to accomplish this evening? i’ve got quite a few emails to draft and i really, REALLY cba. going to just do it tomorrow.


gonna eat a curry and watch m-chef. might work on some music, but might just watch shows about police arresting drunk people.



i haven’t done a christmas song because i haven’t been completely alone in the house for more than an hour in like 5 weeks :frowning:


on the train to ramsgate to see the comet is coming. hopefully finished all my work for the week earlier today, so got two days of sitting around in the office doing fuck all to look forward to before the christmas break.


i always think i might do one of those and try to do it semi-seriously but then never have a clue where to start


Hi Penoid, Eric & CowCow,

Managed to get a fair amount of work done. Not used to work from home though.

Just made a curry of sorts and wolfed it down whilst listening to Anderson Paak ( Not Christmassy). I’m going over to a friends place to watch The Abominable Snowman (Christmassy) and that’s all I’ve got.


Someone had their priorities right


hello. going out in a bit to see the star wars rugoe. c really ba but fuck it.


Last day at work tomorrow. Gonna drink a few beers and play GTA San Andreas tonight b d




my five year old niece just got back from her school disco. she’s easily the coolest 5 year old I know. also the only one I know, but I’m pretty sure she’s in the top 99th percentile of cool five year olds either way. I asked her if she was the best dancer there, and she was like, :rolling_eyes: “yeahhh, maybe”.

that emoji is the wrong kind of eye rolling emoji. it was more nonchalant and way less jaded.

got to wrap some presents while I’m here. and do some cards. not feeling all that xmassy at all yet.


Going to my brother’s in Newcastle tomorrow, so packing for that. Also trying to decide what to have for dinner. Will probably drink some wine too.


I just downloaded Logic and all the instruments and stuff you get with it. and I have a guitar and a keyboard and microphones. might do one myself??


Mark Heap?


Hi hi all :slight_smile: I’m on a train to the frozen north with an hour to go and I really wish I had some company and some wanky beers. If someone has listened to a hilarious podcast recently reveal it so my ears and my mind might absorb it! I am restless!!!





I feel like I have brain damage :worried:


Hmm quite