Wednesday night

  • what are you going to do?
  • what are you going to have for dinner?

Dont suppose anyone in Manchester knows anyone selling a Dillinger ticket for Friday?

Hello ssf and TKC!

I am watching Cameroon play Guinea-Bisseau and will be going to see my housemate play a gig at nine o’clock.

I had a tomato and chicken pasta thing I knocked up earlier on. Nothing too specai, just added lots of garlic and onions and a bit of ginger while frying the chicken in butter.

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I’m going to a pub quiz in 20 minutes.

Wish me luck!


Currently watching Blind Woman’s Curse.

Ate a steak sandwich earlier.

Good luck! I got a Seinfeld question wrong in the la t one i did and was fuming

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Good luck Bam! Love a good table quiz.

I’m going to do real badly I know it

Ate more biscuits and then some yoghurt.

Watching the snooker. Will probably read for a bit when I get bored.

Can’t decide whether to go to the Philip Glass The Trial opera…anyone seen it?

Evening all. Not much to report. Deadlines, knackered.

Had a reduced TTD pizzer (wonderful) and now I’m enjoying a Guinness.

Am at my colleague and his husband’s house drinking wine, and for dinner (we have ordered Thai).

After I’m going back to my hotel and having a nightcap and catch up with my boss who is at a senior board dinner.

Wish I could watch the argyle/LFC game though

Kim’s been removed from CBB last night

The online Netrunner thing is down, so I’m doing the square root of fuck all.

Alright team! Had chicken katsu curry with jasmine rice for dinner. Now tucking into some white choco and raspberry taste the difference cookies.

Got the flat to myself tonight so I’m probably just going to rinse Rayman Origins and continue to enjoy this video (FAO Frasier fans @Scout and @ericthefourth):


Just ate some pasta, will be getting drunk on mostly free beer from here on out. :beers:


Gonna eat a tesco ready meal (they’ve really upped their game) then watch some ‘series of unfortunate events’ on Netflix. Then go to bed early so I can get to work early as I have a bad feeling about something I’ve been working on

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Nah m8

Had a tour earlier that went pretty well, and I’ve just finished uni and had some nice feedback on a little story I wrote about a house I like.

Jnr has learnt how to play peekaboo so entertained herself by putting a cloth on her head throughout my lecture.


Massaman, and katsu curries both amazing, better than M&S gastropub range the former leaders in the field

Compared to before they have I think, at very least with selection.

Sainsbury’s have really upped their lunch game too.