Wednesday night

I’m listening to Destiny’s Child in the bath with a clay face mask on.

The winds blowing a hoolie outside.

What’s on the agenda for tonight pals


I might buy a coop pizza if nobody minds


Did pitta pizzas for tea.

The usual routine of watching TV and trying to keep the dog entertained awaits.

Might have an early night.


Gonna spend this evening listening to OutKast and gonna get a takeaway from The Yeti :yum:


I have so much work to do this week, argh. I will be marking this evening to try and get on top of things.

Can someone come and cook me dinner please?

I think bams getting us all pizza


YESSSS! Thanks Bam! :heart:

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Dipping tattie scones into my stew


In other news, I have had this in my head for two days (yes, the Billy Swan version):

Coach Trip Series 3 is proper drama. love it

Lucky hoolie.

Might hunt some monsters and have an early night.

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Hey Tilty :blush:

Currently rereading bits of Florida and bits of poems whilst m watches some age appropriate vampires

Rest of the night will be the same as last night:

  • Lie on my bed listening to some nice plinky plonky music to woo myself

  • Write lots of silly stuff and nonsense and hope something kind of ok can be salvaged from it in the embarrassing light of day

  • realise its too late for a chai and get in bed to finish the last 20 minutes of my book

Wholesome AF


Don’t you forget your chai! It’s my first priority when I’m out the bath

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  • Huel
  • Pizza

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I only actually have one a day and that’s in the morning (not always true but generally) so the night time one is only ever a pipe dream, alas.

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Guess I should go outside for a bit

If you keep posting about huel then I’ll end up buying some


Want a referral code?

The guy who is writing this just started following me on Twitter.

This means I’m featured in the book right

  • Absolutely, even though its only a few months away from being in the shops and he’s only just followed you
  • I’m sorry, he included everyone born from the ice age until the day before your birth

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