Wednesday night

i am a DYNAMITE wingman tbf

also if you’re on a date sweet christ get off dis!

why would you say this?

She’s late

On my way

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honestly. they were never meant for pizza. and i love them

Evening all.

I’m planning on playing Monster Hunter but the small update it just downloaded somehow requires it to reinstall the entire thing so I’m reading about all your lovely evenings while I wait.

I spent the afternoon tinkering with a pair of ridiculous 20 minute long tracks I’m writing. The closer I get to completion the more I’m forced to ask myself, “why have I done this?” No answers are forthcoming as yet.

Mrs Horse made a really nice Welsh Cawl earlier. Stew is not normally my thing but it was bloody good.

That’s all I’ve got. Hope you’re all well.

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Wish you could put potato smilie faces in the toaster like you can waffles.

The only good thing about jalapeños is pronouncing it phonetically and in a West Country accent.

Made a Jill Tyrrell-esque character on the Sims and we’re currently chasing aliens. Or something. I dunno. She’s got a tinfoil hat on.


can you please vocaroo yourself saying jalapeños

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Why can’t you?

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First toad in the hole attempt in ages tonight - aiming for an 830 serving time

  • You’ll do it!
  • You’ll nearly do it …
  • Already fucked it

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they’re nice with cheese though

Enjoy your 10pm dinner!

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i agree, you know. it’s specifically the merge with pizza that throws me. can’t do it. love both pizza AND jalapenos.

I also dip my pizza in BBQ sauce :smiling_imp:

oddly FULLY good with this

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That’s a good point actually. I guess mainly cause they’d be quite tricky to get out

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:smiley: hadn’t occurred to me you’d pronounce it like a greek surname <3


Use a fork, nothing could possibly go wrong!

Please don’t actually do this. I reckon chopsticks through the eyes would work.


:smiley: hahaha