Wednesday night

I’ve spent most of today thinking that it’s Thursday. It’s not is it?

Jacket potato, cheese and beans for dinner. Not really heatwave food, but it filled a hole. Might have a magnum to cool me down


Hey Rob.

Youngest bed time :white_check_mark:
Eldest bedtime (in progress)

Made salad for tea earlier, so just need to dress the salad, boil spuds and fry off some marinated chicken. Might try and squeeze 15mins in the garden after eldest goes to bed and starting the rest of dinner. Listening to the Beatles. Why not. Knackered though.

Noticed lots of people drinking very early on during my journey home. Someone on the train even bought me a little bottle of prosecco but for some reason I said no (some reason being not wanting to have to then talk to them). Then I noticed lots of feather boas. Realised it’s Harry Styles tonight and tomorrow at Old Trafford. Thought I was just in some sort of alternate universe where the only difference is every one gets smashed at 4pm on a Wednesday.


Evening. Peckish. Got some battered cod out of the freezer but I’m currently out and about.

Also, look at the state of this horrific donkey (?) outside a church in Liverpool.



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Venturing to pub quiz for first time in weeks. Could happily just go to sleep rn though

Munched a curry. Relaxing at inlaws but sky sports news has been on since i got here and there has been no new news, just the same pish on a loop.

Please can people help to break the deadlock

Pretty sure I live in the best area in the whole of London, it’s fucking beautiful on a summer evening. Regularly see people walking around taking photos or videos to put on Instagram or whatever, or see people cycle here to sit in the park, and I just… Live here

Feeling #blessed. Just wish I could feasibly own a property here (lol)



On my way to see Interpol

That is all


The cod hasn’t fully defrosted. So I’m having chips instead.

Had a temperature of 39.5 earlier, so that was fun

Just took a selfie in m’s room and her bedside lamp has
made it all soft focus and backlit…and you better believe its going in Friday’s selfie thread.


Cheers DiS, you stunners


Had to take the dog to the vet a his eye was all swollen and sore. Got some drops which have already helped.

Them it was oven chips and that for tea.

Went to buy diesel and fruit :weary::pound::pound::pound:

Now it’s home for tea and a doughnut :star_struck:

Had someone message me on Instagram saying something about needing me to send them a link. It’s a hacker isn’t it? :frowning:

Blocked them anyway. @tilty does this sound familiar?

I had this recently too, like pls can you help me with something sort of msg. Defo been hacked.

Yep absolutely ignore and block

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Argh. I hate this stuff. Seen so many people hacked on there lately :((