Wednesday night

What’s going on party people?

Just had gnocchi for dinner. Got some life admin to do a bit later, but Rich also sent me a surf vid to watch. Oh, and I’ve got an actual DJ set to plan for, which will no doubt mean that I forget about everything else I need to do

Evening all :wave:

I’ve got to leave the house :weary: on the plus side, I’m taking a chicken berry Britannia with me so I’ll at least eat well.


Just made a thread at the same time as you then fucked up trying to move the post and added it to an old thread with the same name as this one, tried to delete it, deleted the thread by accident instead, undeleted the thread, deleted the post, deleted my thread, hopefully all fine now but jesus

I’m making rice pudding and I need to wash my hair


Very very tired. Had Spam Deluxe for tea

just gonna watch some wrestling and eat chocolate until bedtime now I reckon.


You also deleted the original thread just as I hit reply with a hilarious RIP joke about your rice.


Oh no. We really should have a rota for the daily threads to avoid all this!



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Making a super garlicky tomatoe curry hing

Really intense week so far, relaunching the label, recording podcasts and wotnot.

About to make vegan kievs and chips for dinner and try to get an early night for first time in weeks.


The kids wanted to play musical bumps so I put on Pour Some Sugar On Me. MiniStack ran over to the table, climbed on it and started do some very expressive dancing. TinyStack (with no trousers on) then went and grabbed his little guitar and started rocking out. Honestly so proud


:point_down: shoulda been for the evening thread

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Evening, had a productive day and went to the library to work and avoided DiS and other distractions. Not fun and got annoyed by work so been at the pub since 5, now enjoying a nice sour


Gonna lie in bed and watch Brookside

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Really got into wearing an apron when cooking.

Hi guys :wave:


I’ve been sat at my desk for nearly 12 hours. 25 more minutes and I’m done for the day but then need to nip to Lidl to buy cat food as the pussy cats are very hungry.

Just sang both kids to sleep at the same time while my wife is out. Top parenting. Gonna shower then make sweet n sour tofu for when she’s back

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Had a really nice evening so far, saw one of my favourite people and made a massive batch of chai for everyone. Felt like such a chai master using a ladle to serve it :kissing_closed_eyes::ok_hand:

Going to call a lovely babe once M is asleep, then maybe watch Brookside.

On a pathetic note, feeling like a completely unfanciable goblin :confused::sweat_smile:


I keep meaning to tell you how amazing you look every time I see a photo of you. Your fringe especially looks awesome :heart_eyes:


Aww thank you. Wasn’t fishing :face_with_peeking_eye: but nice to hear that :heart_eyes:

I also meant to say that your skin looked so glowing in the selfie thread this week!

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Made those Korean chilli noodles for dinner, with stir fry veg. Having a beer or 2 and might keep going through that NY playlist