Wednesday night

i’m very fond of taps aff when cooking :slight_smile:

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Hang on, you take yr top off when cooking. That’s dangerous

depends what i’m cookin. splashy stuff - tops on. non splashy - taps aff

I know but it reminded me that I meant to tell you :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ve started using retinol!


Watching Great British Menu and one of the contestants reminds me SO MUCH of a Witcher NPC it’s freaking me out

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Just ordered a takeaway



Ate this, was good

Got a Tesco white choc and strawberry cake I expect will be too sweet, but that’s what happens when they’re out of lemon like some sort of DICKS

Avoided the worst of the sideways rain

More Sopranos


Cod and chips and mayo
Home grated cheese to add to the chips


Drinking High West bourbon with a Coors Light chaser at a dive bar in Jacksonville Florida.


Konnie Huq isn’t on Pointless anymore :sob:

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Evening all!

I’ve been to a birthday party at soft play with The Child.

My morning at work was OK but I’m really struggling to do any work when I come home so had a nice warm shower and played computer games.

Had a coke AND a night chai and forgot that caffeine is making me turn into a dessicated husk with this medication I’m on. I feel like my mouth is made from sand :sweat_smile: welp!

Lord take me there

Bulleit rye old fashioned over here

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Finally in bed under a duvet. Why is my house so cold?*

*because it was built 160 years ago and they didn’t know about insulation back then


Some old timer at the bar just asked if I was a Yankee.

“Yes sir” I say.

“Fucking Yankees” him

Me" and a good day to you sir".

Floridians are funny.

If this place wasn’t such a dump I’d ask for the most fancy Manhattan they can make and slurp it loudly with my pinky finger up while drinking it just out of spite.