Wednesday nightthread

Alright? I’m very very tired and about to have jacket potatoes for tea before doing as little as possible until bedtime. What’s up?



Got a slice of lasagne out of the fridge for later.

Pishin it down.

Just saw a pretty good flat. Intrigued (but bad timing with going away tomorrow lol)

Salmon and veg for dinner, a good amount of work to tidy up from being LAZY earlier in the week, lots of packing



I’m very, very tired today. Closed a chapter on my job nightmare which actually feels good and I want to relax into a bit.

Other than that, want to eat something nice for tea and go to bed early.

drinking wine!


it’s so sophisticated!


Cheers Bam!

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bon appétit for your lasagne!

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Going to have cottage pie for dinner. Might do some sewing later - I’m making a handbag


Evening all!

We’ve had chickpeas and cauliflower for tea.

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Cba cooking again so it’s another loaf of bread and oil with an antipasti selection on the side for me.


Exciting event of the evening, someone must’ve been feeling a bit rough, and needed to take care of business on the path to our back garden:

Hope it wasn’t any local DiSers.
BTW the cool beanie was unsalvageable after serving as loo roll

Hey up

In a foul mood as I have been out at work from 7.30 until 6 and no-one has taken Billy out for a walk or made any dinner plans or done anything of use


Rains on

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Tahps aff

Evening all :wave:

Had my 40+ check-up. My heart is a year younger than me apparently! No issues thankfully. Also I had t fast for eight hours so I’m going to treat myself to some extra food.

I did have some bad news from the GP: I’m actually 6’3 and a half, not 6’4 as I always thought. Adjust your spreadsheets accordingly.



Nothingy day spent parenting and doing my team’s 1-2-1s/trying to rewrite a strategy/delivery plan. Im cooked.

Got a load.of veg roasting in th’oven, checked my bank account and seen how little money I have to last through to payday and now am very sad.

Hi just about to put a pie in the oven then some caulliflower


had a VERY cheeky greggs soss roll on the way home.