Wednesday. Not the ides of March. That was yesterday.

No day thread, thought I’d start it. On the bus on the way in to work. Planned to ride in, but didn’t feel up to it.
Managed to go to bed before 8pm last night. Revelatory!

What you up to the day? Any good food plans?

Morning all :two_hearts:

Also on the bus instead of walking in.

Got an interview for a PhD at 11 :laughing:

Hurt my back by simply existing.



Had about 4 hours sleep and a bad shift at work that at least makes me feel handing my notice in few weeks ago was the right call. Cannot wait to leave.
I am not on a bus.

Doing meetings on teams instead of in person has made me more comfortable in them and more likely to contribute etc.

  • Agree
  • Disagree (contribute less)
  • Disagree (contribute same)
  • It depends

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Made my porridge with chocolate oat milk, thought it was going to be a decadent experience but turns out it was just disappointing

Say all the coffees so was gonna make coffee but then some mentioned chai which i havent had in ages

  • Coffee
  • Chai
  • Both (not at the same time but over the course of the day)

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Dirty chai latte m9

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Hazelnut milk is nice in porridge/granola (but disgusting in everything else, tea etc.) Probably nice in baking too

It’s a funded one more or less about the gentrification and nature tour i do on Collyhurst and am just redeveloping into something more creative. I’ve been encouraged to apply but there’s no way i can work it with 2 jobs and if work let me drop a day i know I’d never get it back again :pensive: gutted but going to speak to them anyway to at least ask about some collab opportunities around it if they have any.


Today is my Friday. Going to Mullingar for Paddy’s Day to run a half-marathon then off to Edinburgh for a long weekend. :blush:

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Thats a lot of work for 1 drink

That’s why you get someone else to make it for you

Think About It GIF by Rosanna Pansino

Having pop tarts for breakfast like some kind of decadent monarch. Loving this unemployment lark.

Dr Mrs Epimer has people over later for birthday drinks in the partially built extension, i.e. the covered but mostly open outside drinking space. Apparently one of them is “really excited to meet” me. Good fucking luck buddy, this is my house and I know where all the good hiding places are.


Don’t want to get out of bed

Need to ring client about a fucking email template I’ve had to make for him (one of those people who seems to insist on phone calls for everything) to ‘go through it’. Why do we have to do it over the phone, like the worst medium. I can’t see a clean route to getting this finished, there’s too many variables at play, he probably won’t know how to implement it and add the merge fields. And then I don’t know if he’s even got his domain authenticated in the CRM so the email gets sent from his email address. Wanna die

But I think I’d also lose out on child tax credits if I become a student even if I’m working, and they (in a very measly way) support me in paying for wrap-around care etc. It’s very in my nature to just go for this sort of thing but I feel like it’s too risky this time which is such a shame as it’s like I wrote the description of it myself. Work do have some study days I think, I’ll look into that sort of thing this morning anyway.

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Teams is the most hateful piece of software known to man. At home it doesn’t see my microphone. In the office the wireless headsets don’t sync up (even though they do with every other piece of software). Sound quality is terrible compared to zoom. Flush it down the toilet.

Think I might have the Rona again - started feeling terrible and fluey really suddenly yesterday, then found out a friend I saw over the weekend just tested positive. Have taken 2 negative LFTs so far but I don’t see what else. It could be. I only had it in January so I don’t even know how that’s possible :confounded:

Anyway I was only meant to present a big piece of work today that might have seen the way to me getting paid soon, no biggie.

Anyway, morning!

I’m in the office today. It’s grey and dull out there. Thankfully the 1pm Teams meeting in my diary has been cancelled. What sort of sociopath puts in a meeting at 1pm?

I’ve just had an email from Bleep saying my Broadcast LPs I pre-ordered are on their way. Exciting!

@inthedusk - this would be my (unsolicited) advice too. If you can find a way to make it work with finances in the short term, after you are Dr Inthedusk you can charge them consultancy rates for work and turn down meetings on your days off.

Edit - sorry, I can see your sensible reservations above.


Never had any problems with those things tbh.

And zoom drops out or me.