Wednesday Nov 2nd - A daily thread

Couldnt see a daily thread yet.

Morning all,

Cold today. No rain again yet (after lots last night) but its forecast around 12 so thats that.

How is your day shaping up?

Im off to see my mum later, then I have lots of chores that ill probably avoid.

  • going to buy another toilet seat
  • hopefully getting my diet meth
  • might go to the tip, as a treat
  • do some work

No plans today at all and I’m very very happy about that

Also think there’s nothing in for breakfast, so it’s all gone to shit already


Off today. Just dropped my son off at nursery. Walking back with an empty buggy, getting some weird looks. Goons wash up, make a slow cooker stew, a pasta sauce and watch a bit of shit TV. Good day

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Still too warm.

Dehumidifier arriving so wfh. Got some jobs i must not put off any longer, but i really want to.

Ate so many jaffa cakes yesterday, can someone come and confiscate the rest of the packet pls?

Think JCs might be one of the most moreish substances on the planet

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Agreed. I have been known to demolish a pack in one sitting, too morish.

They’ll usually gone before I even realise what I’ve done

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Yep! Or I get to the point where theres just one or two left then just eat them anyway.

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On the bus to jury duty, very much hoping for an easier case this time. Really want some jaffa cakes now.

I have €0.28 in my bank account. Doesn’t bode well for buying a Terry’s Chocolate Orange later.

This post paid for by PROF$.


For a change, it isn’t (currently) raining. Wind is certainly on though.

Going to take dog out and maybe go for a little (like literally 5 miles or something) bike ride.

New bathroom floor being fitted this afternoon. Left the old flooring down because it was going to be an absolute nightmare to get up, so hope they can just fit the new one on top… They managed it in the ensuite, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem.


Got work, sons coming round tonight, unless he cancels
Feeling a bit meh, might have a sausage and egg bagel with my second coffee shortly as a cheer up measure

The Prisoner comes to London


Went to friends of ham for tea last night and it was delicious

Then came home and watched the first of a million terrible Christmas films that I’ll watch in the next two months, Christmas Inheritance on Netflix




Hi everyone :wave:

Work has been wildly busy and still is and I feel a bit broken and annoyed. Grumble grumble.

Getting our hallway walls seen to this week. Exciting. Trying to think what colour to paint the hallway afterwards. It’s pretty small and dark, so was trying to find lighter options. Might just paint skirting a colour and leave walls white. Also been looking at vintage glass light shades :blush:


Absolutely love that last one.


Utilised my Tetris skills this morning to get everything into one freezer so I can defrost the other and gain access to the top drawer again. Will be a nice surprise to see what is in there.

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I know me too, it’s quite pricey tho and a bit small. So alas, I will just look on fondly. I’ve bought the top one. Figured it’ll provide the most light and it’s quite large.

Hm tho, it might not because the white bits are opaque…… oh well. It’ll be fine. Haha.