Wednesday of Choices

Morning all!

I’m either backing up my laptop or buying a hammer today.

Looks warm outside.


Knowing you you’ll probably end up backing up the hammer and buying a laptop! :rofl:


It’s a fucking glorious day to not be at the work team building day out because they’re letting people with positive LFTs show up.


Said I was gonna go back to work today

Highly do not want to


From a list of possible days out, I have chosen to get the train to Liverpool and go for a bike ride by the seaside.

I will be passing through Crewe station in about an hour. Wonder if I’ll see John Barnes…

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Really high quality bit you’ve developed here, absolutely top drawer.


Thanks, man. I’m planning to absolutely run it into the ground :+1:


If you do pass him, the instructions are that you will then need to move in order for him to pass you again.

That’s the way!

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What is the team-building activity?



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Ooo just before i read this i thought “i hope my whatsapp is backing up” so maybe today is some millenium bug sort of thing that we’ve used our collective witch powers to predict.

The Official 2022 back up your cute chats and important documents day

Oh man, why didn’t i write this tour last night. Got a few hours to do it and learn it and just hope my day job doesnt get in the way :grimacing:

Morning DiS!

I’m in the office today. I’d rather not be tbh. I’d rather be back in bed, truth be told. But here I am.

There’s some team building thing going on later, which I won’t be stay for all of. My current boss is far keener on this sort of thing than my old boss.

Absolute nothing of a day. Waste of clean socks.

Already at my Nanna’s waiting for the solicitor to arrive to talk about… idk boring legal bollocks I presume.
Royally cba tbh, hardly slept and woke up with a pounding headache cause of the heat.
Nrrrrggghhhh too hot too hot don’t like

Off sick today. Feel ropey but testing negative, unlike my other half who has barely left bed since Sunday. Reckon my immune system is keeping my viral load down, but who knows :man_shrugging:

Going to watch the tour of France whilst perspiring.

Mostly baby prep stuff and moaning about the heat again today, followed by meeting some pals this evening. Might go and get a fancy pastry in a bit :croissant:

Morning all.

Off to do some beekeeping at work in a bit. There’s not many perks to working in this knackered old office but there’s an apiary on the roof of the shiny new building next door and I’ve volunteered to help look after the bees. I can add ‘amatuer beekeeper’ to my list of bullshit hobbies then. Saucemaker/drone maestro/amateur beekeeper/dreamweaver. It’s quicker just to say, “wacky dickhead” at this point.

I hope you’re all well.


Found a coffee machine in a building near me that seems to be completely free to use. Does the fact it’s not especially good coffee stop me being absolutely delighted that I’ve found it? No, it does not.

Quite a lot to do today, and then might try and get a cheap ticket for Haim and Georgia tonight as it’s not sold out and there seems to be loads of spares knocking around.

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get back to it slacker!

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