Wednesday of drizzle(?)

Morning all!

I’m awake early for no good reason. I’m already bored.

I’ve got some stuff to do this morning and then I’m going for a picnic with some colleagues who are leaving. It’s not raining yet but it looks like it will.

How are you?

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Been up since half 5 with a bairn. Absolutely knacked.

Gutted about fitba last night but my garden overhaul is supposedly going to be finished tonight so the drizzle has arrived at the perfect moment…

A character in something M is watching just said “you old Watch Wizard” as an insult and whatever it means I am definitely going to use it.

Off to check out some public art I helped commission this afternoon, exciting stuff.


Been up for an hour and a half already, only one meeting and then sorting out a bunch of diary stuff for August and I’m pretty much wrapped up ahead of taking all of July off

Massively exhausted after the youngest’s birthday party yesterday. 15x8 year old girls is a lot of energy to keep in one place. Went well though. Should have been 2 hours but it stretched to nearly 3 as no one wanted to go home & the parents who came to pick up were happy to sit in the garden and eat cucumber sandwiches & raspberry cheesecake and drink rosé

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Lovely day here for once!

Got an ultrasound a bit later. Just made a loaf of bread for the first time in aaaaages so I am enjoying the smell wafting through the house while it cools.

Might grab a cuppa. Anyone else? :tea:


Alright? Off to the Yorkshire dales for a few days as a Glastonbury replacement. Hopefully the weather holds up. Have the feeling it’s going to get quite heavy, pray4tuna

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Really annoys me there’s no emoji for shit English breakfast tea


Morning troops

Youngest graduated nursery yesterday and got her tie. From August both kid si have will be in school.

What the fuck. What next then? Death? Sure.

Listening to Dogs Die in Hot Cars because why not.


This week is whizzing by. Can’t tell if it’s because in busy at work or constantly fuming.

Fuming because of discovering things like this

Also this is a kick in the face to read

Also seems like the rate of vaccines is dropping off. I’ve been reading about shortages of Pfizer whilst hoping to get my second dose within the recommended 5 weeks but can’t seem to get an appointment before my August 1st one at 12 weeks as I’m not over 40.

See also



Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning all

Lovely and sunny again here.

Feel a bit rough after another shit sleep and drinking a bit more than I’d planned to yesterday, so I’m going to lie on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and wait for the new coffee table to be delivered.

Another snake on the loose? (spoilered as NSFW swears)


We’ve got someone booked to put some decking in tomorrow and I think it’s going to be rained off.


Bit of a foggy head as I went to a rooftop cinema thing last night and had a bit of wine. Was good though, barely anyone there (not sure if because of the film or weather) but it made it feel like summer and was fun to make midweek plans for maybe the first time in 18 months.

Glad to see the sun out today; I woke up at 5am to use the loo and discovered my flat is built like a henge, with the entire length of the corridor lit by the sun during the sunrise this time of year :sunrise:

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On my way to the dentist for a check-up AND THEN I’m getting my first vaccine!!! Just got the call 20 min ago and my appointment is at 11 my time :star_struck::star_struck:


Morning DiS!

Looks like a fine day out there, which is more than welcome after the last few days. My internet has been a bit shonky over the last 24 hours, which seems to be down to my backup Powerline thingy not working. I thought I was fully reliant on my wireless these days, but maybe not, so I might have to replace that at lunchtime. Still, it’s not like I’ve got a really important zoom call with my boss and several other senior people in about five minutes. Oh, wait…

:+1: Today is my Friday

:+1: Have a very good article to share later on LGBTQI+ thread

:-1: Website being silly as per

:-1: loads of washing up to do. Also, washing up anything with pesto on it is fucking rank and that’s about half of the pile. I’ve soaked most of it so hopefully it won’t be too traumatic but still :mask:

:grimacing: Important meeting this afternoon