Wednesday once more

Morning everyone. It’s freezing. Have (Skype) meetings at 9am and at 10pm fffffffffs. There’s meant to be one of the TVs friends coming over to cook tea but I might just stay at work (good alibi tbf) cause I don’t really have the energy to socialise

wuu2 honies

The birds are really noisy and out flying about very early this morning. What’s going on? Hey birds, what’s going on?!

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Hi! Today is my Saturday and I have to get up in a minute to take the cat to the vet to have some teeth removed. That’s pretty much it for today tbh.


This morning I’m going for my pneumonia vaccination because, apparently, that’s something else that I need now.

Free lunch though!!


Same here.

Shut up, birds.

My first thought was they’re harbingers of doom and that something terrible is going to happen. I wish I could be a normal person and just think how nice it is to suddenly be surprised by so many bird calls.


Hope all goes well for Funkycat :crossed_fingers:

(and the wider Funkhousehold)


Standard Wednesday:

  • drop R off with his dad
  • minor shopping
  • plan to do useful things
  • sleep all afternoon instead
  • feel a massive weight of self-loathing for having wasted the day

If I can just do something like the vacuuming that’ll be an achievement.

If you want to sleep then that’s not wasting the day, it’s doing what you want and need.


Just think I sleep too much. I had two naps yesterday ffs! The second was accidental though, just fell asleep on the couch :disappointed:

Ok, well maybe do some micro naps and set an alarm?

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Morning beauts. I have to give a talk on funding implementation and the devolution of the adult education budget to a load of disinterested people, none more than myself, this afternoon. That’s it, that’s my day.

:+1: Get to leave Birmingham and go home today

:-1: Won’t actually be home until half seven at the earliest

Off today (Henman fist pump). Kiddo allowed me to lay in till about 7.50, which was needed. Gonna mooch into town later and have a big walk along the river I reckon. Nothing else going on. Making mushroom stroganoff later which should be tasty


Glasgow/Edinburgh DiSers, know of any good gigs coming up anytime soon?

Marika Hackman is playing at the Caves next month. She’s good.


two of my friends bands are playing the glad cafe next Thursday, they are both very good


I like that Savage Mansion album from last year. They’re playing something at Summerhall in Edinburgh on the 31st as well.

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