Wednesday quickfire banal


Colleague sat next to me is eating breakfast cereal straight out of the bag.

I’m closing this thread at 7pm, by the way.


good for your colleague, fuck the system


Fair enough, I shouldn’t have cereal-shamed her.


Done that many a time.


was gonna start this thread a while ago but then things actually got busy

hometime in 11 mins




Absolutely fair enough. Especially its one of those ^ lads. Basically just little packets of sugary crisps.
What cereal is it, please?





just stuck some bunce on a spanish second division game.


Hiya :wave:

Going to the gym in a sec. Feel like I can’t really do anything worthwhile before I have to leave. So DiS!


Yes! Smash the gym, Witches! YEAHHHHH



what are we supposed to be… quick-firing?


Thank you for your swift response!


I had to pretend to need something from the filing cabinet so I could have a proper nosey on the way back. Just need to make sure I don’t accidentally scroll up to that image otherwise she might be a bit spooked.

(And yes, agreed re: Variety packs as sugary crisps)


Today can go fuck itself




Just tell her you’re looking at Christmas presents for her!


woozle wuzzle