Wednesday Rules Are For Fools Evening Thread

Evening. I’m in Preston getting excited about filling out another breakfast form.

I’ve already eaten the egg sandwich I bought from Tebay and now I’m full of regret.

What are you all up to?

@BodyInTheThames tell us your story

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Hi Leafers!

First day off of 9. Went to some supermarkets. Booked 2 x-rays for Monday. That’s about it. Gonna make lamb, feta and mint burgers in a bit and watch loads of King Of The Hill. Also bought something called a Hot Cross Bun Yumnut earlier so I’ll be eating that.


Evening funky, what are you getting x-rayed?



not a story, just that wrt this

@scout didn’t like it but the poll (which I now can’t find) overwhelmingly said keep it

today was very sunny however and I felt a sudden need to shave it off to avoid the inevitable tan lines to come

so now I am smooooth af

end of story :slight_smile:

found it


I once spent the night in Preston train station. Up there with the worst nights of my life.

This evening I will now be compiling a list of the worst nights of my life.

Hey up.

Never been to Tebay as it’s too close to home to be a service station stop. Sad sad.

Cooking up some jollof rice for tea with halloumi. Then it’s bit more work and some MasterChef.

My chest (shortness of breath and wheeziness, also awaiting results from a blood test and got inhalers prescribed) and left knee (all swollen, ongoing joint issue, might be chronic gout, its looking similar to my permanent weird elbow)

Got a raspberry yumnut too. Spent a lot of money on M&S snacks.

It’s 260 miles away from your house! How big is your bladder?!

I’m talking about the one in Cumbria though. Plan a trip up north and you’ll be able to stop off

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Can you say something to the x-rayologist about wet bones pls? (Hope everything is ok)

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I can confirm that Preston has not improved any

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Sounds annoying hope they fix you soon.

I’ve been sick a lot recently and the doctors have exhausted all their test so far, called me today to say that basically I’m fine :woman_shrugging:

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just trying to pass enough time so that i can eat something else

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jk. I though Tebay was Gloucester way?

What’s for dinner japes?

Alright Billy Big Bladder, calm down.

leafy’s one is in Cumbria


Yeah nobody knows what’s wrong with me. Been to a rheumatologist too who just shrugged at the end. Also got a weird discoloured bit on my forehead that the doctor just kept saying ‘hmmm, yeah that’s really weird’ about.


:chicken: :green_salad:

Alright. Chill.

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