Wednesday Rules Are For Fools Evening Thread

Actual Tebay the village is in Cumbria


didn’t ask

Was telling slicky

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Just ate a some dolly beads for the for first time in years, shit.

Mamma mia!

just a random bunch of stuff

had the same thing last night and made a mustard dressing that was a bit OTT so dunno whether to tweak it or just try something else

read this like clay davis

Put some honey in it?

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Him indoors is still on a call. This never happens. I’m hungry FFS!

Went to a local posh deli earlier and bought eye-wateringly expensive (vegan) pies for dinner, but they look ace, so :person_shrugging:


Found out yesterday Helado Negro and Julianna Barwick made an album together back in 2012 under the name ‘Ombre’, kept that quiet didnt they


I just went for a walk then had a choccy bar. Fried rice again for tea.

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Having a delicious Salted Caramel Huel.

Then a bath.

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it is actually really quite nice. better than the vanilla one.

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Lamb mince hadn’t defrosted fully :frowning:

Had an awful day with the school stuff this morning and my family being awful (my brother has upgraded his not talking to me to not even looking at me).

Trying to be positive though, it is a relief to have finally decided to stop taking R to that place anymore, as even the potential two school changes that means now is going to be less detrimental to both him and me than keeping with a place that harms us. Just got to get a handle on the home learning stuff now until I can get him a place somewhere else :grimacing: (difficult to plan because I can find resources but it is difficult to know which sorts of things he has done properly)

My dungarees arrived today as well and they are so comfy. Might swear off waistbands for life now.

Couldn’t have proper dinner so will probably eat too much chocolate to make up for it.

Sign up various DiSers to teach different subjects.


Started rewatching The Sopranos so need to go buy something kind of Italian from Coop to eat with it.


Great. What can I sign you up for Funky?

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