Wednesday’s Thread Is Full Of Bread

Hi pals, I’m on my third day off work with the flu and feel tremendously guilty about it. First time off sick in about three years so really shouldn’t but :man_shrugging:t2:

How are you feeling today?
Are you doing anything fun?
What’s the best type of bread?


Best kind of bread for me is a ciabatta btw.

In Australia they call it a Cheeyabatter. It’s fucking scandalous.

I think my favourite bread is probably the white bloomer. Such a good one for peanut butter sandwiches or toasted for marmalade etc.

Not too bad… although having to drink instant coffee :unamused:
Snapped ankles tonight!
Fresh bread.



Morning Mr Scorpion, Sir.

Hope your flu goes away soon.

Really tired this morning after playing a gig last night. Classic case of getting home and still being slightly adrenalised. Luckily my whole building has to WFH today for reasons.

Best bread for me is probably sourdough, but ciabatta is a great shout. Bread is great.



Just had a hot cross bun, Aldi plain. Was fine.

Happy Ash Wednesday to you all.

Best bread? All of it, but particularly keen on tiger bread or a nice toasted sourdough.

I say “chuh-batter” am I doing it right?

Had a dream that I was running around my hometown with Andy Murray for what felt like forever.

And then a hilarious bit where someone asked Rick Stein who won the football and he replied “pork knuckle.”


Story checks out

Day off. Got nothing to do but loads of loads of washing.

Got a headache after drinking 4 pints, water is tasting really good this morning. Got leftover pizza.

I’m on a regional day in Dorking. First leg on an eighty mile journey done. Weather is shite

Get well soon, flu is minging.

I’ve woken up feeling like absolute toilet too, as it happens. Made an executive decision at 5 am to wfh but it might get upgraded to full sickie if this coffee doesn’t perk me up. Don’t even feel like eating ffs. Eating is one of the three things in life that I enjoy!

Also the mystery pain in my side that a doctor told me that I was making up is back, and is getting worse, so that’s me dying, then.

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Just having some bread (toast) now as it happens. Can’t get to the bakery in the week so it’s just standard white sliced I’m afraid.

This is so weird, first, i dreamt i had 23 notifications and i woke up and also had 2 notifications, then i dreamt about making a sour dough starter and i woke up and there also a thread about bread. #thatsincredible

More from me later when I’ve calmed down, some.

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Had a horrible night’s sleep, I blame the amount of pancakes I had last night. Throat feels awful. :face_with_thermometer::sneezing_face: Can’t take today off as both my boss and colleague are wfh.

Yeah, sort of ch’batter.
The Aussies make so it could rhyme with “sheer batter”

Did you know ciabatta means slipper because it looks like, well, slippers. Imagine putting your feet in some nice warm hollowed out ciabattas.

Really like a rye bread but its by no means my favourite. It just deserves a shout out. Nice and sturdy for something like dipping in oil and drizzling honey on.

Got a kids party this afternoon, other than that probably just raging about yesterday’s meeting still that turned out to be so archaic and patriarchal despite being with a HUGE arts event who should know better.

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keep going