Wednesday’s thread is full of woe (and other emotions)

My first day thread! Dog has been throwing up every two hours overnight, hence the (tired) woe. Hope everyone else had a better night’s sleep. What’s your (non-vomit related) plan on this cold but rather pretty morning?


Oh no, poor dog :cry: poor you!

I’m working in Liverpool this morning to be a background worker for some photos, would be ok if I’d washed my hair last night. Ooops. Anyway, what a treat :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Dinner out later (noodles I think) :yum:


Went to bed at 8pm. Got up about 20 minutes ago but only had about 7 hours sleep :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Weary m9s

Get well soon the pooch of @bunique

You have my sympathy, I’ve been up a lot the last few nights with one pooch who is on new medication, which is playing havoc with his insides. The smells coming off him are offensive.

In the office today, lots of external people to meet, lots of CBA to get through first…


Waiting for some garden furniture to be delivered ‘between 7am and 6pm’

It will arrive:

  • 7am-9am
  • 9am-11am
  • 11am-1pm
  • 1pm-3pm
  • 3pm-5pm
  • 5pm-6pm

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It says they’ll call ahead when they’re on the way but it’s my wife’s phone number on the order, so I can’t even pop out with the dog. Wife is at work til 6 tonight as well, so I’m potentially in it for the long haul.

Going to give the house a good hoover and mop the kitchen and bathroom floors. Need to do a bit of work admin as well. Should keep me busy for ooh… An hour?

Morning all!

I went to bed at ten and pretty much slept through until 6.30 but feeling very tired. Not sure if it’s just down to my first full day working from work in two years but I’ve got a LFT going just to be safe.

I’m heading back into work at lunchtime for more ‘teaching’ and I’ve got football tonight.

Second day in a row going to office. I haven’t been in more than one day a week since this all kicked off two years ago. Don’t love it, m8s!

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Can i get up? I always get up…eventually


Oh I’m so tired

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Big argument with friend rolls into … day 5

Agreed to bowling tomorrow so lazy evening in tonight, might go for a massage after work

That’s all folks!

Nope, just woe here. Also cold.

Hope poorly pup recovers soon x

Stayed up playing computer games until 1am, silly safebruv

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When you’re on the loo. They’ll knock once and then leave before you have chance to pull your trousers up. Just how it goes I’m afraid.


Are you arguing about Chelsea buns again?

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tired. sore. hayfever. cba.

She threw up a lump of bone about 7am (spoilered for those having their breakfast) and seems to be much better. She’s sulking because I haven’t given her breakfast yet to see how she goes. I sense an unproductive day ahead.

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Have both kids today. Not really in the mood for this tbh.

That’s daily mate

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We had a vomiting child last night, with a temperature above 39. He had some calpol and slept, but is bright as a button this morning. He’ll have a day off school sick today and with any luck that’ll be the last of it

In other news, I’m in the office for the second day in a row, something which hasn’t happened in over two years. Is it hometime yet?

Worky work work.
Put a meeting together for later today to moan at some people for not doing their job well enough, and then realised I haven’t done a piece of dev work for them that they requested about a year ago. So gonna do that and then moan at them with wild abandon.

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