Wednesday’s thread is full of woe (and other emotions)

Hello all :wave:

Had my first day in the office yesterday…. It was nice, good to see the people on my team. Totally dead though, so it wasn’t what it was like previously, very quiet. Become very paranoid about my rumbling tummy when it’s that quiet, had to constantly eat to keep it at bay. Haha. Like it’s a creature.

Anyway, Wednesday! Edging ever closer to it being Friday! Hooray!

Got so much work to do tho :sweat:

Happy birthday to all the great bunches of bananas @inthedusk @anon75298087 and @iamwiggy :heart: xx


In this case it was the fact she’s a massive greedy monster who doesn’t chew her treats properly :smiley: she has a pretty sensitive stomach at the best of times but she seems back to normal now

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Ooof, it sounds like a rough day all round for a few of us. I think we should all treat ourselves to an especially nice lunch to make up for it.

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Been getting out for 15mins ‘before’ work. Which seems like a bit of progress but not when you consider this after 2 hours in bed and after the latest time id like to start work


How is it Wednesday in my week off already? It’s much greyer today

Might go and play pool by myself :grinning:. Could also go to a yoga class maybe. Might just clean the flat and do music

Massively overslept and then no buses turned up for ages. But the big advantage of hotdesking and there still not being that many people in the office is probably only about two people actually saw me swagger in 45 minutes late.

Off to Madrid via Manchester


They’re just a delight aren’t they? The highlight was when she was heaving for the 5th time I told my husband to run down to let her outside but as he was half asleep he was too slow. Decided as I’d done all the clean up overnight he could do that one. Didn’t quite realise how averse he is to vomit, cue the dog not being the only one heaving. Amazing start to the day.

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One of the big bosses at my pal’s workplace has gone AWOL and they think he’s gone to Ukraine. Putin’s done, the mid life crisis patent twats are going to war.


Arguing or silent treatment?

arguing, or at least long testy messages with lots to unpack, react to etc. Don’t really want to read during work or just before bed as they’ll put me in a bad mood - so it’s getting drawn out as I only really engage from idk 5pm to 8pm :smiley:

getting very bored of it anyway

Bf has gone to work today so I’m WFHA (work from home alone) so far it’s ok but I know later that I start wandering into the living room for a chat and remember he’s not there. Might go work from there to avoid that!


Oh lord. I hate drawn out stuff so if something can’t be solved within the day, I’ll be the one to crack and just wanna resolve it which often means putting my feelings to one side. Even though I’m usually always the one who isn’t in the wrong :wink:

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joining the talking to yourself club - there’s loads of room here!

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joining the talking to yourself club - there’s loads of room here!

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(I am in the wrong but to a waaaay lower extent than they seem to think, so it’s blown up to a level that is plain confusing me. Not sure how to get out of the hole tbh, guess I’ll see when they stop being so gosh darn mad)

i hate you

They’re probably upset about something else too and you’ve been the one to cop it a bit!
People like that just wanna be heard sometimes so probably the best way to handle it is to keep it short and sweet and just be like “I hear you/won’t happen again/I’ll do better etc”
Then if they keep on, say you’ll give them some space and chat next week :joy:


Ended up in a soft play. Bleak