Wednesday th(d)read

getting in early
just mooching today - house sitting in north London (Seven Sisters area)
best charity shops in London? more than willing to travel

how is everyone? ennui survey:

  • :relaxed:
  • :pensive:
  • :astonished:
  • :weary:

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Got a breakfast seminar (urgh) to attend and I’m so, so tempted to bin it off. But I’ve skipped the past three after RSVPing so I think I’ll stop getting invited if I don’t go to this one. But… cba.

morning bf, epimer. up early for a run, aint i? just having coffee and toast. haven’t looked but got a feeling it’s gonna be horrible outside. last day on a job and i’m not sure there’s much to do so dread at low.

there’s an oxfam in dalston which is good for books and ok for music. wood green has a fair few charity shops on one stretch of the high street.

Should I go to this breakfast seminar?

  • Nah m8
  • Go straight to work
  • You can get CPD hours some other time

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any free food?

Yeah but I’d need to get there half an hour early and it’ll be more on the fruit salad and mini croissant end of the scale.

Morning Brains, Eps, Erics… This makes last night’s evening thread look positively tardy. Going to make an early start so I can get out in good time for Alela Diane at St Pancras Old Church tonight. Also have a five-point gap to overhaul in the office Fantasy Football league. I’ll be in the right place to pray for a win.

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bin it off then tbh


You can go in my place if you like. Kings Cross service to Cambridge, then it’s on the same street.

If anyone asks, patents are - on balance - good.

Morning. Overslept, but still made it to work on time. Just gonna plod through today without any incidents I hope

Depends how many minis make a full croissant, tbf.

You can never take more than two at a time though, no matter how mini they are. That’s the rule.

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Yeah, it would be a bit rude to think with your stomach and snaffle someone else’s breakfast.

Oh my god some cunt’s booked me into a meeting from 12 to 1.


Take lunch with you and eat it loudly and messily whilst staring them down.

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better rub your nipples.jpg mate

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Yep. Ffs.

Pocket some :croissant: :croissant: on the way out and eat during the meeting, scattering crumbs everywhere.

Can’t believe I’m still fuckin sick :mask:

Brain woke me up at 3am like “you’re alarm’s going to go off soon!” then I had some dreams that were cheap rip-offs of Battle Royale.

Brains are annoying.