Wednesday the 2nd Thread

Morning party people,

I woke up a bit too early this morning, but I looked out the view and it was like this, so I’m not complaining

(Yes, yes. I know the windows need cleaning. Actually they need replacing if we’re talking about what they really need)

Anything good going on today then?


Hello :wave:

I’m awake because my elbow is in a lot of pain, it’s been like it for over a month now and I’m not able to grip or lift heavy things with it. No idea what I’ve done!

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Morning :sunny:

I am up as it’s back to school day 2 where one of the kids actually goes back to school. First day excitements.

Doing an hour long presentation today so am wearing my strong feminist message t-shirt. :muscle:


Also MrS is selling his headphones if anyone wants them.

Think he wants 140. Apparently they are very good :person_shrugging:

I bought a pair for £225.
For £140 they’d be amazing.

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Thank you for that endorsement. :heart_eyes:

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I am somewhat tempted as I have been flirting with the idea of noise cancellers but I need to check my finances when I am less half asleep

Forgot my meds last night so slept abysmally. Also R woke up for ages which he never does anymore, I think nerves before his first day of school.

Only a half day to ease them in. I think I might just sleep until lunch time :sleeping:

Hope he has a great first morning :blush::kissing_heart:


Definitely snooze until he gets back if you can, you must be shattered!
Good luck to both of you! Hope he has a really great first day :star2:



This looks promising.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Back in lockdown
Doo Doo doo

Anyway someone was supposed to be round to do some electrical testing but I’ve texted them saying they can’t come round anymore.

Loads of folk willfully getting pissed off about the new restrictions. Ah wel

Just run a lovely 10miles. Great day out.

May get a haircut today (First since February) :eyes:

Morning all!

Decent night of sleep until about 3.00 when The Child woke up for a bit and then I couldn’t sleep again.

No plans today other than pretending that I’m going to be ready for classes starting next week. I don’t get invited to other people’s houses so the new lockdown isn’t affecting me much yet.

They’re talking about dogs wearing trousers on the radio, guy rings in
“I saw one a couple of years ago, wearing them on the two back legs. Must’ve been during the world cup, cause he had an England shirt on”


All the best to the DiS kids who are starting/back to school today. My son has just gone in, my daughter starts her first day this afternoon!


Maybe it was Ross Barkley.


Are sure it’s the radio and that you’re not still having a brilliant dream?