Wednesday: the arrival of SUMMER!



Lovely out. Gonna get up to 25°c in London today appazas.

Got much on? Work for me, then I’m meeting my BFI pal and we’re off to see The Big Sleep.



Going for a run around the lakes this morning. Gonna be a struggle!


Have fun bam! Drink lots of water!


thanks, I will do! :slight_smile:


Got a job interview this afternoon eeeeeek

Before the job interview I’m going to a workshop on confidence, which seems like good timing


:four_leaf_clover: :crossed_fingers:


Proper Bill Withers today. I’ll be stuck indoors having a shitty day probably



Totally CBA… and not even sure I have anything to do.

Only up to 18 degrees here (with showers obviously). Gonna crack out the summer jacket anyway.


Taps aff surely


No one wants to see that.


Ahh. Enjoy! Wanted to see that for ages but tonight is the worst night.

Saw the Maltese Falcon at the Prince Charles a few months back. Bogart is so so good.


Morning PN, all. Another one here for the DiS Wednesday job interview club. Good luck in yours @froglet Mines for a retail job but a pretty well paid one and within 10 minutes walk of my house so I’d quite like it. Not much going on after that, might make some kind of elaborate salad to celebrate the definite arrival of summer.


Morning all.

Good luck to the Job Interviewees.

Still pretty happy after how good Hinds were last night.


Also a bit annoyed with myself because the person training us yesterday was spouting some right shite which I knew was wrong but I couldn’t be arsed with the argument explaining it. But kind of probably should.


Morning, got woken up at 6.45 by the TV’s alarm but it’s OK because it’s nice out.

Got an all-day seminar thing on Friday in the midlands so I’m staying with mates this weekend and I’m gonna make a cake for them today, then meeting some people in a beer garden after work :sunny:


hi plasticniki and etc


Double you, eff, haitching today. Might sit in the garden and work from there later :sunny:


warm enough for me



Yay it’s sunny and warm here too and tomorrow apparently 27!! Bodes well for another weekend at the beach I think. I’m on the tram to work and I’m not that late. Today I am wearing a flowery dress and I might get a poke bowl for lunch @Jeremys_Iron