Wednesday the day

So I tried to dye my eyelashes yesterday and got some developer solution in my eye. Not recommended. Genuinely thought I was going to go blind and still have some pain in my eye from where I rubbed it with water aggressively.

Anyway. Having a coffee and just did a 20 minute weights workout at home with my fitbit.

Lit a candle.

New sofa arriving imminently :tada::tada::tada:


Then a day on the sofa I expect


Signed up to a work conference, have zero interest in said work conference

Might get lunch in a different part of town at least

(Not to do nothing though, to do work and to go to Radical Landscapes at the Tate :moyai:)


Let me know what you think of the exhibition!

Morning all!

The academic year continues to crawl to a stop today. I have about six students completing various assessments online that were disrupted by the strikes this morning and one in the building this afternoon who won’t attend.

The weather has become nice again. If this was a regular year, I’d be contemplating wearing shorts but because I’m still teaching, the shorts will stay in their natural habitat on my floor.

The rest of my day will be either marking or playing football.

Been told its an important research mission for my poems :star_struck:

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Managed to get some sleep last night with baby F so all 3 of us feeling more human today. As we were all up and awake after 7.15am feed decided to pop baby in pram and walk into campus with Mr s_w as he walked to work. Stopped at Greggs and currently sitting on the outside seats in the lovely weather having a coffee and pain au choc!

Got a friend coming up for a walk and coffee this afternoon so that’ll be nice.

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Teaching in your pants?

Spilled 2 coffees already today. Not a good sign. Got to do ‘speed mentoring’ later :grimacing:

You have to buy me dinner first.


Done a food shop. Had a coffee. Got some cold brew in the fridge too. Now just need to do some work :eyes:

might listen to that album this morning

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It’s here! :smile:


Excited to be channeling ITD in this cord jumpsuit which is Too Hot but also very cute and I only have like 2 opportunities a week to see people outside of the house sooo



Alright. Off today. Nursery run done. Quick dash into town to pick up some essentials, home for half 10 ready for a painter decorator to quote a job for our landlady. Wife’s working later tonight so get to do it all tonight. Crunchy summer salad with coconut and chilli chicken for tea. Might have a beer tonight

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Yeah, I’d eat that.

Do the mini-ts eat the same/ similar things that you do?