Wednesday the day

Depends. Pizza, pasta, rice, curry, pies, casseroles, yeah they eat that’s, but not things like salads ect

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The Child is mostly the same but then she’ll throw in an absolute curveball and decide she likes spinach or something.

We get the opposite, disliking things they’ve had multiple times before. My daughter ate this the other day which surprised me

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Morning everyone :wave:

Feeling well groggy. Hoping this cup of tea fixes things.

@spicer please show me your new sofa. And the rest of your home, I love noseying your home, haha.


The Child has a real low tolerance for any spicy heat and basil but will generally get on board with any chicken.

It looks like a tasty meal.

Gonna schedule my next couple of weeks round this…

So many delicious looking recipes


Today I’m going to see how much work I can avoid. So far I’ve tinkered a bit with a mix I’m working on, pipped to the shop to buy AA batteries, and I’m going for a sea swim at lunchtime. I’ve got a few zoom calls to dial into, but they’ll be camera / mic off

Is it time for a coffee?

Could I please get some appreciation for the fact that I just leveraged my extreme procrastination skills to get a bit of work that normally takes 45 minutes to an hour to do done in 9 minutes


You know there’s a thread specifically for this kind of thing so you perverts don’t have to interact with the general population, don’t you?

a lycra-clad safetywink, obviously


It’s tres bien. Wouldn’t say it was spicy at all tbh

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Anyone else had one of these before? Marzipan apples. You get them from Harry Gows in the highlands. The bf brought some back yesterday :blush:

They are the business.


It’s a bit of a mess in here at the minute but I will do when I’ve tidied up :slight_smile:

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Wow! Never seen those before. Such gorgeous colours. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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:heart: I know they’re so cute! And they’re filled with some delicious, but what can only be described as, mush. Haha.

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Just had to book on for a speed awareness course. Thats £85 lighter, but better than the points/hit to my insurance I guess. I feel so stupid. :see_no_evil:

Really fancy trying one of these haha!

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On a Wednesday? You filthy pervert

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Going to that London shortly, so of course the trains round here are all fucked this morning.

Found out the new Planet Doughnut store in town (town being Newcastle-under-Lyme) is opening much sooner than i expected, being this Friday. Lovely.

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