Wednesday; the evening

Alright? Had a really fucking stressful, sweaty day so it’s fancy Morrisons pizzas for tea and some very very cold lemonade. Probably watch more Kath & Kim then fall asleep, but what about you?


Just been for a couple of post work halves and am gonna go home like an adult.


Couture by @inthedusk

Detail shot of awesome design


Oooof that suits you so much :heart_eyes:

It is a beautiful T-shirt and I will wear it a hell of a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Went on a detour to get a cookie, which i thought would be nice - but then some random started following me which was very unsettling

Pizza here too, waiting for a repair man who might never come.

Want to do some snogging.

Hey organised people, how do you file your papers? I need to be better at this (currently it is never opening a letters and leaving them all in my pigeonhole for all eternity) however because of ocd stuff i hate having files and boring visible things that dont just feel like a nice thing I’d have in my home. It really stresses me out but i have no cupbaords to hide them in

Maybe i should get a potter to make me a filing cabinet :sweat_smile:

Don’t want to snog the repair man fyi


Model isn’t too shabby either :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Going into 38 feeling emboldened by crisp new T-shirt goodness :beer:


given my room a proper spring clean and sort out. turns out I own even less than I thought I did. About 3/4 of the things I thought I owned were out of date documents, chocolate wrappers, boxes for things like USB cables, and other assorted crap.

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Evening all!

I’m edging closer to my summer break by the hour but stupid admin tasks keep reappearing or refusing to disappear properly.

I made a rhubarb curry for tea by following a recipe. It wasn’t awful but there’s a lot of it leftover.

I’m playing football tonight.

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Fuuuuck, supposed to be heading down to this tomorrow :sob:

Hey up superstars

R is out at piano, had a staff meeting and then picked V up from athletics so dinner will be late and consist of JackyPs in about an hour.

Loving the sunshiiiiiine

More Heartstopper later with ice-cream :star_struck:

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Another afternoon and evening lost to the migraine void, curses

Some sort of chorizo salad for dinner then brw Umbrella Academy

Scratch that made a friend and he’s buying me a pint


Evening kids,

Tonight I’m off to see Metronomy. Better than that, I have a photo pass. It’s been ages since I shot a gig properly, so I’m really looking forward to it. There’s going to be a few other friends there too, so all in all a top night ahead



Misery emergency frozen pizza for myself.

Will water the plants in a bit.

Think that’s about it for my evening

I’m home, sweaty and cantankerous. Probably tired. Throwing the kids into bed then maybe a takeaway we can’t afford as we’re both tired and fed up. I also got a new t-shirt, but I’m not sold on it and may get a refund instead