Wednesday: The Eveninging

Oh its the hotel im staying at in Ballycastle next week, but broke off so not sure what they want

good bball session to try and briefly escape world dread

one of the local lads said (sincerely) “y’know you’re sick at basketball, you”

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On a train. Can’t complain (as I am in the quiet zone and complaining would violate quiet zone rules).

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Evening folks,

Tonight I’ve been making Great Escape plans, with an old friend I used to work with twenty five years ago. Christ that makes me feel old.

I also did a test broadcast for the new DiS aligned radio station. Coming soon to the airwaves later this month. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more info over the coming weeks

And I had a beer, since tonight is my Friday night.


What happened to our beloved evening threads of late?

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If you signed up for 3 or 4 walking tours spread over a weekend as a sort of informal summer school thing, what would you pay?

Each tour is usually £10pp but one of them is a bit longer and I’ve been meaning to charge more for that one. Feels like i can either get away with charging more as its a one off “event” or that i have to charge less as it should be an offer.

There might also be a slightly exeprimental audio tour on offer as an extra just to attendees of this weekend.

  • £30 - £40
  • Less than £30
  • £40 - £50
  • £50+ but would expect some sort of merch or similar added extras

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How would you like them split up timewise?

  • Hardcore: all tours (6 hours) back to back on one day (with breaks)
  • Equally divided between days
  • Something else

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Probably should have saved this for the day shift

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I would say upwards of £50 with no expectation of merch involved, but that might be because I’m a southerner!


The dog that was barking non-stop for hours last night has been barking tonight as well. I feel bad for the poor dog being shut outside when it’s obviously distressed :cry:




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that’s president al horford.

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@profk looking to get scouted out here


Fucking hell why get a dog if you’re going to leave the poor thing outside all night

I’d call animal control, this is neglect.

La Familia Mezcal - the opening number that Encanto didn’t know it needed.

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Would there be an option for the basic version and then extra for tour plus merch?

Seems like an opportunity for a tshirt.

Hmmm not really as I’d have to have a minimum amount of stuff made so need to guarantee x amount of sales.

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I don’t know if you registered my interest in a tshirt there.

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:relaxed: sadly i dont have any but maybe I’ll do another run on everpress…with new colours

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i would also like to express my interest in that particular uh t-shirt