Wednesday the Last of September

Morning peeps. It’s only 8am and I’ve already made an almighty fuckup at work - stirred the mash too hard :grimacing: now for a nervous hour waiting to see if it’s affected the final outcome. What does the day hold for you all?

Good morning!

Hope the mash situation turns out alright.

I’m just sitting down with a coffee and book in bed. Starting to get more and more back into work after my belated holiday, so making the most of my free time when I have some. Looks like it’ll be a beautiful day here as well.

Also find out today if someone else can cover my one shift next week at my part-time job back in Oslo or if I have to leave here early just for that :grimacing:

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Much nicer at Hoogy HQ than it is here


Morning all just seen this on the gram

  1. Holy shit how did I miss this?
  2. I am very excited for lunch.

Hope the monster mash turns out alright

Back in the big city tonight, at a restaurant no less, for an Awkward Work Dinner. I would rather not

My coffee this morning was crap :unamused:

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Reckon the mash might be alright :crossed_fingers:#touchwood


Trying to work but Fig is creeping closer to my lap/laptop. He thinks I haven’t noticed that he’s edged his way to my shoulder.

Working with a lap cat is a constant battle!


Hidehi all, feel oddly sparky despite getting un peau tipsy last night. Hope everyone is well, I for one have a big ol bag of work to do today. It is raining, which is lovely.

Greetings from Jook HQ. I’ll be here until I stop feeling like my head is going to fall off.


Chaos corner has been tidied. Gonna go food shopping and maybe get a nice coffee


Found a menu now I am really fucking excited

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Has anyone woken up Billie Armstrong yet?!


So I moved my bed into the lounge/front room in order to put my work desk into the back room to get away from the drilling work happening outside. All good until I realised they start work at 8am prompt so now I’m lying in bed listening to them breaking up rock :woman_facepalming:

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I don’t know if I can call this WR HQ but it is my base for the time being


I wish Pip was a lap cat but I suspect she hates laps as a concept. She does enjoy jumping on my desk from a height like a wrestler from the top rope though.



Just sat on one of the kittens, so that’s a great start to the day. It’s kind of her fault for curling up on my work chair, but what an idiot Orchard! Look where you’re going! she’s fine - I got up as soon as I felt I was starting to sit on something that wasn’t right


Ooooh I met a cat yesterday! They were very eager to get in the house which I sadly couldn’t allow but at least got some good cuddles. Very fluffy ragdoll friend.

Morning all. 2nd bleak morning on the spin. Hopefully the sun will rally again today.

Feeling a bit tired today as dinner last night was a reasonably large amount of food and I struggled getting to sleep a bit…

This was between 2, but I ended up gnawing on the bone.


Inb4 save it for Thursday.