Wednesday: The Thread

Morning everyone. Actually slept! Woooop.

Oh, but I have a full day energy crisis meeting. Great. U?

I do not have a full day energy crisis meeting, thank you for asking.

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I’m having an individual energy crisis


Alright? Got a hectic day ahead, no energy crisis meeting but loads of beer to sort out for weddings etc. Should really leave now and get a head start but here I am contemplating a second bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes instead. If this is what 37 is going to be like you can keep it.

The only time I’m not in a meeting today is 12pm until half past. Very not into that.

Morning sheeldz et al!

I’m not teaching today so I’ll be pretending to catch up on the things I haven’t done since June, but in reality I’ll do a bare minimum to keep me up to date for the next few days. I’ve got an email to send applying for a secondment at some point and a different application for a different secondment that isn’t due this week.

I’ve been up watching Bluey with The Child since about half five so also a bit tired. Kids TV doesn’t start in our house until 6.00 so she had to listen to half an hour of BBC News discussing CO2.

I’m going out for a coffee and cake at some point but that’s just to break up my day. I might get a Subway for lunch.

Did anyone else think Energy Crisis was a computer game and this was notification that sheeldz would be skiving all day?

Re: today’s meetings

Pretty pretty good


Need to read a dense 48 page report before a 10am meeting and have ideas for how to sensitively and appropriately do #content about it. Hmmm.

Also reckon today is going to be Day 2 of Harassmentgate and Day 3 of Anxiety About My Friend’s Mental Health.


Shhhhhshhhhh I won’t be playing open roller tycoon in the background.

What? I said I won’t be.



Another vote for feeling incredibly starved of energy. Looking on the positive side though:

  • it’s a proper Bill Withers of a day today
  • I’ve got a meeting with central government and I actually have good news for them
  • we’ve got a team picnic at lunch and I’ve got that bread to take along

Trying to take a few #positive #life #decisions today. Hopefully will last a reasonable length of time.


Guten tag!

Was woken up at about 2am by the dog howling in his sleep. Overall had a decent sleep though.

Slightly dodgy guts this morning but, assuming that settles down, it’s the usual drill of dog walking and bike riding for me this morning.

Off to the football this evening.

Just got a text message off my daughter’s football coach to say that he’s tested positive for covid. I helped him put away the equipment at the end of last night’s training session, and was therefore in a relatively small lock up / cupboard with him for a while.


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Turns out the “cold” I’ve been trying to shake off for a fortnight is in fact a chest infection and possible trapped liquid in my lung :grimacing: going for an x ray this morning.


How many books (standard size novels approx 300 pages) would you take for 4 nights away with about 9 hours of train journey (over 3 days)?

  • 1 :open_book:
  • 2 :open_book::open_book:
  • 3 :open_book::open_book::open_book:
  • 4 :open_book::open_book::open_book::open_book:
  • 5 :open_book::open_book::open_book::open_book::open_book:

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I don’t want to run out :thinking: Also don’t want to jinx it by taking too many and end up only reading one…

Oh no! Hope it’s nothing serious and you feel better soon x


Working a night shift tonight, so obviously waking up at 5 is brilliant for working nights


Thank you. I feel so silly because once the PCR was negative I just assumed it was just a cold and carried on. Probably means my holiday this weekend is off too, lesson learnt!

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I would bring one book and one e-reader for this situation


I’d bring two e-readers

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this doesn’t surprise me about you