Wednesday then I suppose

Frasier + coffee as per. Might go for a swim today, that’s about all ive got planned.

Woss going on today?

WFH. Kinda wanted some human contact in the shared office but figured it maybe wasn’t good form to do 4 hours of client calls there…

got some bircher muesli. quite good.

it’s raining.


Drinking a pint of vimto and sparkling water, listening to Alan Sparhawk’s Solo Guitar LP. Downhill from here, I guess.


Not got much going on today. Gonna go get my ears lowered/have a fight with a lawnmower (delete as applicable) after work, my barnet is a complete mess.


Weather is atrocious.

As usual, I’ve got about 3 hours worth of work to stretch out for today and tomorrow. Unfortunately my boss is here today AND tomorrow (no idea why, he normally only comes on a Thursday) so I need to find something to make myself look busy.

Leftover pizza for lunch at least - That’s something to look forward to I suppose.

I’ve been bitten by something, once on my leg and again on my arm. Really itchy.


Morning from a grey and wet Glasgow.
Got my desk fan on right enough cos it’s muggy as fuck.
Got a fair bit to do today but feeling right up for it as I’ve been clean living since sat night, really need to stick to this no midweek drinks thing.

Started watching Fargo last night, 2 episodes in, it’s ace.


Morning e4 + all

Got physio tonight, really really really hoping she’ll tell me I can start running again as it’s been nearly a year and I’ve put on a load of weight :frowning:

Might go shopping at lunch as I’m off to a wedding at the weekend and have been wearing the same three wedding-guest dresses on rotation since I was 19

Morning. I can also report wetness. Should get a coffee and think about work I guess.

Morning everyone.

Weather’s shite, work’s dull. Haven’t heard anything about that interview, so that’s not good.

Taking my sister to the cinema tonight for her birthday. Hardly ever go so I’m looking forward to it, although I’ll probably fall asleep.

Guys, what would you do if you had the day off today? Gimme some ideas.

It also is wet here. Apparently I am now addicted to cold-brewing tea. Got loads of work to do, might take the family to the museum later, as there is a cool dinosaur exhibit on at the moment. Have good Wednesdays!

Early bike ride (cos rain’s due soon innit)
Go out for a massive breakfast after
Shopping for a new frying pan
Read my book with lots of coffee

EDIT: cinema

Morning all.

So tired. Had to pick the gf up from a works do last night a lot later (and more drunk) than expected. She’s been stressed lately and doesn’t drink much so I don’t begrudge her a blow out but good lord am I knackered now. And she’s still in bed, which doesn’t seem fair.

Hope everyone is well and that the next thing you all eat is unexpectedly delicious.

Practice for this weekend’s Netrunner tournament, probably.


Essentially I’d be thinking along the lines of ‘what would I like to do that would typically be spoiled by loads of bellends busying it up’’ so I’d probably go for a tasty lunch somewhere, check the BFI/Pitcturehouse Central and see if there’s something worth watching on, shop for some vinyl, head home just before rush hour, pick up a few beers, listen to said vinyl, play some computer games.


Weather’s good here at the moment but I think it’s meant to piss down later. Will do some work around lunchtime I’d say.

Kind of going out of my mind without a full time job now. Really hope someone gets back to me soon.