Wednesday then I suppose

Some bands/artists only allow certain tracks to premium users. Are you a premium user?

i’m not even really a user tbh m9

Went to the gym this morning, really rubbish due to:

  • Group of lads in stringers, doing deadlifts (really bad form natch), grunting like they were moving the earth
  • Separate group of skinny lads just standing directly in front of the mirror doing curls with 5kg weights, then lifitng up tops to look at abs
  • Older dude just standing in jeans and staring at people
  • Really bad smell

Proper hate gyms sometimes

I believe @ericthefourth went to the gym today?


Bit ageist, young’un.

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fao of @japes



Do you ever drink your coffee from a mug? :smiley:

Red velvet pancakes?

EDIT: plasticniki may have answered this for me.

iced coffee?

I didnt choose the glass, did i!

Hell no

oh it looked like a bloody straw but now i see it’s a long spoon. FINE.

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:joy: Whatevs trev.

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found the kid’s hamster dead this morning. RIP Hammy.

So been digging and burying it in the garden. Tough stuff.

Made a cake to help ourselves through the afternoon.

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I remember watching certain scenes in this film on repeat as a younger human…

Basically the entire film then?

I’m presuming you’re refering to lifeforce here, but would be quite amused if you were referring to From Beyond :wink:

EDIT: and terrified if you meant The Void :scream:

Your gym is amazing.

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Basch lives! Dont believe @profk’s lies!

I saw a thing today which made me go, “huh, don’t see them much these days” which made me wonder if that would be an interesting thread, things you don’t se much these days that make you go huh oh they still exist.

It was one of those fluffy balls, like table tennis ball size, with googly eyes on, and big adhesive feet with a long tail with the name of the business on it - dunno what they’re called. a bug? Seems the kinda thing you’d get in a National Trust museum.

Absolutely nailed this trip to the vending machine to be humble.


1/2 - I don’t rate the doctor.