Wednesday then



The smoke alarm went off during the night, so I feel pretty shocking today. I’m not working though and might go for a nice long walk if the rain holds off for long enough.

midwife appointment at lunch. 34 weeks today :exploding_head:

my sister is visiting later. until sunday. i’ve not seen her for a year :exploding_head:


Ah lovely, so much growing happening for the little mite right now :smiley:

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Ate and drank too much last night.

Tired and lethargic

Morning all.

Was meant to be going down to Suffolk to visit the wife’s sister tonight and staying for the weekend…

She’s just been sent home from work and told she has to self-isolate for 10 days because someone in her office has got the old 'rona. Tremendous!

Up early with TinyStack, but no complaints as he’s just done his third night in a grown up boy bed and so far it’s three great nights for three. He’s going through a maximum cuddle phase right now too.

Need to call about a million people this morn, don’t mind a day like this tbh. Also going to see if the banger racing is on this weekend or not cause my mate and I are planning to go :smiley:

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off to the kingdom of Fife today for a charity golf day thing. looks like we might have a cracking day for it.

Have a good round man

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:relaxed: :relaxed:

cheers pal

I’ll take what I can get, he’ll be back to ‘destroyer of worlds’ mode soon.


Managed a shower!!

Nae plans other than get my work done and don’t cry? Hopefully there won’t be about 15 mini crises like yesterday

New Ty Segall is so good :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Back working after my bonus day off yesterday

My daughter passed her driving test 1st time this morning! So that’s nice


This was basically our holiday. SO ANNOYED!




could be worse, could be a tory fundraiser :slight_smile: :wink:

Only just had breakfast.

Should finally get told whether im needed for jury duty this afternoon

The charity is the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

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