Wednesday thread 11 02 20

NO! It was only available in Corby in England and two people promised me they’d get me a bottle but they didn’t come through :frowning: Do you know if it’s still about? I’ll go to Asda when I’m home at the weekend if so.

yes, there are still loads of bottles of it around here

i’d send you some, but the glass wouldn’t travel very well

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I tried this the other day as I am a bru enthusiast. First couple of tries I thought, this is way to sweet and disgusting I can’t drink this. Then over time I got used to it again and quite liked it. I’ll stick to the Extra though I think.

great, will check when I’m home. What do you think of it?

How do you feel about becoming a patent twat?

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Found it tasted pretty much the same but a bit more syrupy

Today’s my Friday and you know what else? I’ve just remembered about 45 minutes ago making plans to Lidl shortly in order to procure some ground coffee, for as of yesterday morning, I’ve been out and frankly I’m annoyed with my famously sensational memory for not reminding me to buy some more, when I nipped into the local Tezerrezerrinos last night. That’s right, we’re seeing Carly Rae Jepsen in 34 hours.

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Shit, clicked the wrong option - meant to click Reply, sorry AW.

At first I thought it tasted like those quenchy (?) cups you used to get at school but after a while it just tasted like pre-sugar tax irn bru (which I guess is the market it was made for)

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I liked it. There is a strange head on it if you pour it out… like you’ve left washing up liquid in the glass… but I like it. I’d be surprised if they don’t keep it around TBH, it’s a nice weel expensive string to their bow.

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I used to do the job of the sainsbury’s person who replied to you, but for another retailer. Reading complaints on social media gives me flashbacks

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It’s easy, you just argue about the meaning of words a lot. The secret is the the words always mean what you want them to mean, except you phrase it as “the person skilled in the art would clearly understand x to mean” so it looks like that’s not what you’re doing.

Easy money.

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I’ve phoned sick for the first time in years as I have a chest infection and also a quite frankly cba. Annoyingly I have a courier arranged to come pick something up so I can’t even leave the house anyway.

Let a tenant rile me on the phone and it took all I could not to roar “I grew up in a fucking council house, I know what the fucking cold is” at them. I really need a few days off from everything.

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Still feel shite but have come in to work, what a hero I am

Oh yeah and being sold off food is “illegal” is it? What “laws” do you have to back this statement up hey?

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absolutely cba at all today,


No problem.