Wednesday thread 11 02 20

if you’d read his Facebook thread you’d have seen that I was being Steve

i’m not on facebook

You know what, nevermind.

Thank you for this useful and insightful knowledge.

Hahahaha, I’m sorry, I was just being a dick.

I have now since actually looked at the comments, and I’m really glad I did exactly what Facebook-ers did anyway, I sure showed them by not having an account eh. Haha.


is that his mum

Just did a mental totting up of what I’ve on at the moment, no wonder I’m snapping. Need to get to Friday evening without crumbling.

Must be in the wrong job tbh

is one of the dolls wearing cycling shoes?


Hands where we can see them please

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Even for a moment I wasn’t going to be doing this as R’s dad so nearly cancelled on him (surprise :roll_eyes:) but hopefully his backup plan is solid enough :grimacing:

Caught my train by a matter of seconds, even with the risky stop off before to get a GVSR. So that’s good at least.

I’m listening to Mew again because my brain is stuck in a lot of loops.

(also @AQOS please drive to Essex and take me out of here when you drive back, take me to Scotland maybe?)



I am on a coach somewhere in Sweden. Getting off in Göteborg and then getting a train to Malmö. I managed to get on the coach about a minute after it should have left. #whyamilikethis

Snap, although mine isn’t being done by the lovely resident DiS hairdresser

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New York? I thought that was Justin Casablancas


The women in the middle is a real person, right…
What’s her relationship to the guy?

Have you seen Lars and The Real Girl?


Discovered my work shoes have very little grip and not a lot of water resistance left as I navigated the hail and rain earlier. Sliding down a drop curb into the gutter was a special experience a quarter past 7.

God bless work to rule and dumb Insolence

I enjoyed it! A strangely sweet little film.

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Anyone got any good thread ideas they’re holding onto? I’m ill in bed and need entertaining.

Was going to do a thread asking if other people had an email folder that was just for putting accepted meeting invitations into but then decided against it.

That’s all I’ve got.

Deadly quiet in the office today, feel like I need to do some typing just to fill the silence. Only here til around 2 as well so big shrug