Wednesday Thread (15/12/21)

Alright, I’m commuting via train for first time in ages.

Hopefully an easy but boring day.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Everyone you need to get up

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Just about out of bed. It’s awful being awake.

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I just joking you can stay bed if you really want to.


Cheers, I’ll head back so

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Morning all :wave:

We said goodbye to Mrs CCB’s sister this morning - was nice having her to stay, but it’s always good to get your house back after having had guests. Currently listening to Johann Johannsen and wondering whether to make excuses not to attend a workshop at 10am.

I’m wearing a black t-shirt which is picking up all the bits. Annoying. Might change it.

Morning all.

Feeling distinctly low energy after my booster yesterday. Had to swerve walking the dog.

Currently staring blankly at my computer, trying to work up to dealing with a BEIS excel spreadsheet fraud risk assessment template

What song were the mechanics listening to this morning:

  • Someday, The Strokes
  • Evil, Interpol
  • No Cars Go, Arcade Fire
  • Molly’s Chamber, Kings of Leon

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Big pile of marking to wade through, so dull. Should have been a maths or PE teacher.

Two of the people I played 7s with last night tested positive this morning, fucks saaaaaaake

Morning all. Has everyone gone home for xmas? Woke up a bit late and had to get an emergency bagel on my way in. Already had a v irksome work email but only three days left, sure I can manage not to call anyone a cunt in that time… I hope.

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I feel a bit better today so that’s good. Busy day of work ahead though.


Pret filter and 2 sugars, might not be welcome back in the coffee wanker thread

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The great cancellation begins! Friday’s drinks: OFF.

Playbook is absolutely dire today, no chance Plan C isn’t coming home after Xmas. Just about whether it’s pre NYE or in Jan really.

Need to LFT before my grandparents drop off my Xmas card.

AOB? Coffee. Work. Food. Hoovering. Sleep.

My daughter arrives back from the big ol’ USA today (at uni over there), not seen her in a year, so it’s super exciting!


This is lovely! Hope you have a wonderful time with her :slight_smile:

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Morning all!

I’m not teaching today so my plan is to get through as much of my marking pile as I can this morning so I can play computer games this afternoon.

I might have a walk out for lunch or coffee too.

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Congratulations @dktrfaustus @Tuna @colon_closed_bracket @Funkhouser

Your prize is next time you’re a bit emotional you can have a cuddle with someone who is stood up whilst you’re sat down and they have big boobs and you can rest your head on them and shed a little tear and then everything is lovely again.