Wednesday Thread 2: Electric Wednesdayloo

Howdy folks

I’m running on empty today

How art thou

I look so tired and unhealthy this morning. I believe the term is old

Forgot my headphones :tired_face:

I look like a man moderately younger than my years but feel tired and unhealthy. Three days back from Xmas holidays and I’m considering duvet days.


Yeah judging by the last five or so nights of really poor sleep, I’d wager that the christmas holidays have done an absolute number on me

Cant wait for the weekend

When inevitably I’ll wake up at six and not be able to get back to sleep

Just had an amazing French breakfast gallete (buckwheat pancake) with sausage, onion, garlic, tomatoes, chillis and cheese


Read a large chunk of Ray Bradbury’s ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ before bed last night.

Had very weird dreams.



Why have i got a sore throat? I’ve only just been ill

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Was irked bc I thought my phone had paused itself

But I was wrong

My phone had muted itself


Confounded emoji is more emotionally heavy tha I was expecting


Off today. A day of daddy daycare ahead. Probably pop to the shops for veggies and fruit. Might cook a lentil cottage pie, may not. Me ma is visiting later for a couple of hours, so we’ll probably do a coffee or a walk.


Morning all. So tired today, I’m also having weird, intense and specific dreams. Last nights I was watching Michael Bay directing a scene for a new Transformers films at an abandoned farm in Oxfordshire. What is that all about.

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morning all.

first day of secondment* to new company today, so should be interesting. think I know most of the folk I’m working with so should be alright. no idea what the project is though.

don’t want to go in late, because I’ll look like a dick. also don’t want to go in too early as that sets a standard that I have no intention of keeping to

*i think that’s the right word. like 80% certain.


Have you considered standing in the doorway dramatically checking the time until it’s time to start on the dot, then elaborately entering the building?

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that’s the move innit?

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Yeah let them know you’re aggressively punctual.

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I’m also absolutely shattered. It’s also my 9 to 8 day. My first for three weeks as the last two fell on Christmas and New Years Day.

I get paid three hours overtime from 5 to 8. So I’ve already lost 6 hours this month on the days I didn’t do.

Less tired than yesterday at least! Let’s see how long this will last…

Invented a reason to work from home because I can’t be arsed navigating parking drama today. Standard.

Honestly need to start taking up my work’s WFH day, as I’m so bad at mornings and could do with a day per week where I can just get up at 8:45 instead of 7:30.

Beautiful morning though, so at least there’s that.

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Done something very silly indeed