Wednesday Thread 2: Electric Wednesdayloo

Yeah let them know you’re aggressively punctual.

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I’m also absolutely shattered. It’s also my 9 to 8 day. My first for three weeks as the last two fell on Christmas and New Years Day.

I get paid three hours overtime from 5 to 8. So I’ve already lost 6 hours this month on the days I didn’t do.

Less tired than yesterday at least! Let’s see how long this will last…

Invented a reason to work from home because I can’t be arsed navigating parking drama today. Standard.

Honestly need to start taking up my work’s WFH day, as I’m so bad at mornings and could do with a day per week where I can just get up at 8:45 instead of 7:30.

Beautiful morning though, so at least there’s that.

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Done something very silly indeed


Working day pls hurry up and end

Also working week

It’s been good to ease back in but let’s face it

You’re a fackin write off, pal

Just going to mute the music board for 24hrs then

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Nah it’ll be fine, that’s why I moved it from Social, more chance of it being kept fairly normal.

You dipped into the SP thread on the music board right? Not normal

there’s a music board?

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Yeah, the evening threads


You’d think they’d have invented monitor cables that dont disconnect at the slightest touch by now wouldn’t you?

Back in work today. Probably going to read U-God’s book at my desk between calls.

Good point, but at least this’ll have a big ‘2.83’ at the top so we all know the truth.

Morning mb, all. Outstanding thread title this morning btw.

I need to find some freelance work. Bit annoying because I would rather be in bed, and 90% of recruitment agents are appalling spivs.

Drinking coffee and listening to a podcast. Cant decide whether to

  • Go for a run
  • Do a HIIT workout

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Going to homebase for paint this morning and then stripping some horrible wallpaper from our bedroom wall ready for painting. Part of me is worried that it’s load-bearing wallpaper and the house will fall down when it’s gone.

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Morning all.

One more day of slog then off to Germany/Austria tomorrow

Fucking hate when i do this :weary: :weary: :weary: