Wednesday thread (Boo)

I’ve never started a daily thread, am I allowed?

Ladies & gentlemen. Wednesday. Wake up…


Morning @midnightpunk, everybody else.

I’m going to bed.


Morning!! Got my excellent yellow dress on. It’s so yellow AND it has pockets. What could possibly go wrong?


Looks like I am allowed, feeling positive today, have a great day all and night @Ella_Megablast

Morning! Woke up too early, now I’ve started work already and I’m blasting The Drones, so it’s not all bad.

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Woke up early Boo

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I hate the a1 so fucking much

It’s my wife’s birthday. Going to a farm with her sister. Should be a good day


Looks like they’ve closed it the road. First day Back in the office is gonna be spent sat in the car outside Newark :rofl::rofl:

Fell asleep early but slept terribly. Kept waking up cause it was too hot and then I had a nightmare and then there were YOUTHS shouting.
Also it’s recycling day now. Crash crash crash.
Feel wretched. Wretched I tell you.

Wouldn’t it have been more thoughtful to go somewhere nice with your wife rather than taking her sister out?

I don’t understand these modern marriages.


Ha de fucking ha, funny man

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Might go back to sleep.


Just had my coffee in bed

Really need to clean the flat today, feels like I only just did it but there is tumbleweed blowing about the place

I didn’t have any nightmares after watching the space vampire zombie film last night :partying_face:

If I manage to do anything either useful or productive today I will be well impressed with myself.

Finished my book last night so it is also new book day which is always exciting.

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@Slicky @keith @fappable feel free to use this unique teaching resource i found.


Good Morning!

I woke up in quite a good mood, all things considered. I could have done with a bit more sleep though. Work was a bit full on yesterday, so I’m hoping for things to be more chilled today. I’d like fewer meetings so I can listen to more music as well.

Can this be real?

Scaffolder has shown up. No news about the actual roofers though so this might become a permanent feature.

Right hand is completely fucked now due to dodgy tendons, so that’s very helpful, isn’t it.