Wednesday Thread For The Day Of Wednes

Morning team. It’s my Saturday but I’m awake for some reason with this song going round and round in my head

So I’ll probably get up in a bit and start some work, then big shop and at least 2 loads of laundry later, what a life!

Morning @anon19035908

WFH today - it’s parents evening tonight.

Facebook has reminded me that it’s seven years to the day since my ridiculous 13 hour journey home (which should take just under an hour under normal conditions). All down to a surprise snowstorm which covered most of Surrey and Sussex without warning (so no gritting), and too many people driving rear wheel drive cars which can’t drive up hills in those conditions.

Morning all.

Could and probably should have WFH today but the thing I need to do is much easier with a big monitor, and the GF is working from home, meaning i’fmd just be hearing one side of a constant stream of conference calls and remote meetings.

Nice crisp spring morning at least.



Hope you are all ok todat :+1:

Got to drip off R then will probably languish in bed most of the day because I don’t know how to do anything else anymore.

Have to eat dinner at lunchtime and would be good to have something nice to eat which is also not going to tax my feeble brain to make. Not sure what fits the brief.

At work. Disciplinary hearing to do later. Moar packing tonight. Life.

When bounce you moving?

On lockdown but I don’t really go anywhere anyway. Worst thing is no pizza on my regular pizza night as everywhere has to shut by 6pm. Give it a week and I’ll be on the lunchtime pizzas.

The screenshot of the map I put in the thread yesterday was where I am moving to. Just across town. But for all it’s glory…

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Overdraft any good?

yeah, it’s good, they do nice looking tarrrcos too.

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Been a car alarm going off outside the office for an hour.

Gotta take my work laptop to work today to get it set up for some stuff so I have everything I need to work from home (haven’t worked from home for about 9 months)

Yeah. Pretty much the only sludge place in town, so a bit spenny, but have a good range and a wide variety of breweries. Only seem to do cask for the weekend though.

Food is :ok_hand::ok_hand: as @hankscorpio will back up

So it’s not just a clever name

The original bar in Southampton is in an old bank and has a fuck off massive safe in the place. That’s where the name comes from. I’ve been to many more expensive places than OD tbf

So Rich isn’t just a clever name.

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Im bankrupt

Worth it just for the beer battered tomatillo taco.

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Morning Funkhouser, all,

I can’t believe how bright it looks in the house today. Why if the mood takes me, I might be able to get some washing hung up outside for, checks Met Office app, all day! blimey! um, seeing Tove Lo in 36 hours with @Gnometorious. oooh, and I found out a band I really like are playing something I’m going to, which is super exciting.

When using the word ‘wednes’ out side of the day meaning, how are you pronouncing it now, huns?

  • Wed-ns
  • Wed-nez
  • Wens (the d and the e silence each other out)
  • Weens (again silent d, but the e works some other linguistic magic)
  • Wen-des (the n and the d are actually pronounced the other way round)
  • no such word

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