Wednesday Thread For The Day Of Wednes

so bored i might read the politics thread

it’s not even 10 yet

Don’t do it japes. It’s not worth it.


Chazza lads came round to pick up my old bed. They’ve put a nice dent in the wall above the stairs, right at eye level.

That’ll learn me. Next time I’ll burn my old furniture in the back garden instead.

Got this in an email sent to a site I manage the web side for


No idea.


I’d been wondering why the new Limp Bizkit album was taking so long.


Suddenly feeling really anxious dunno why

can’t believe I brought my own lunch in and will miss fajita and wedges day.

Wednesday Thread For The Day Of Wedges


Everything is so slow right now :frowning:

Rather than going for a walk in the park, like a dog that has had its jabs.

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Get fajitas and wedges and eat your lunch for dinner. You’re welcome.


• was gonna call in sick but felt guilty so didn’t
• spent an hour getting to work
• there for two hours
• sent home because I’m not well
• on my hour trip home now

Great day so far. In no way a waste of anyone’s time.


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I’ve been home for just about an hour but it looks like R is heading back here already :upside_down_face:

(he’s not meant to be home until 6pm)

How come R is heading home so early? Not Ill I hope?

it’s a slippery slope, kermit. look what happened to witches. so many plants she’s now trapped inside her house forever.

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Just bored I think :frowning:

So at least he’s ok, just… I am but in a very good place to deal with non-standard stuff like this right now.

I hope that the afternoon goes as well as it can; and that you feel better soon.

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going to try to get as early a train home as possible to counter yesterday’s “going to a gig on the wrong date and getting home two hours later than normal having not done my stupid-looking gig dancing thing”

at least if it was the Cure, you’d have gotten there just in time for the headline set