Wednesday Thread For The Day Of Wednes

These threads are a bit quiet recently eh?

I’m going to have to stay whispering in here again.

Oh, Funky I forgot to say I had that stout yesterday and it was really nice thank you again x

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I haven’t tried it yet, keep forgetting to bring a bottle home. Glad you enjoyed it!

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Everyon s too busy talking about our impending doom


It was oddly quite refreshing? Sort of ‘light’ but in a good way. I mean, I love a nice heavy dessert stout, but it is good to have ones which are a but less weighty too. Reminded me a bit of a Kernal dry stout I had recently which I was a big fan of.

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Ah I see. I’m more of a ‘head in the sand, distract yourself with silly puns and that’ type.

Sounds right up my street. We’ve got a golden ale and an IPA by them too. They sent me samples of the GA (very nice) and an orange wheat beer they do (fucking horrendous).

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did you manage to get YOB tickets then

Are you trying to be funny again


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Had a fairy cake, want chocolate, cba work, ages til I get to go out for drinks, boring conference tomorrow

entertain moi

I’m eating an angel cake slice. It tastes surprisingly fishy. Are they meant to taste like fish?

Friend just moved drinks from v nice craft bar with some great (expensive) options on, to fun but divey place with expensive pints and a Mega Drive

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Jesus and Mary Chain are playing Stereo next week whaaat