Wednesday Thread. Happy Woden.

spent all morning drinking coffee and (successfully) sorting my vaccine appointment

maybe … work time now?

What was the word on the street from them?

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Wouldn’t ewe like to know.

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Couldn’t be arsed climbing hills all morning. Legs weren’t feeling it.


I hate that. :frowning:

Hmmm delicious ake

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Went swimming before work, didn’t have chance shower when back so smell vaguely of chlorine still. Breakfast was those mini weetabix things with chocolate in them which was nice. Working away now, still annoyed at line manager r.e declined annual leave request y’day so doing the bare minimum.

New Andrew Hung single out today, who I am a huge fan of so that’s exciting - just about to do a 1st listen.

Today is more work (doing the minimum) and maybe a lunchtime walk, weather permitting.

Lovely cup of offee to go with it too

It’s working so far, which I must admit is very surprising.

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Just had an email from a student who is on a break between exams asking if I wanted anything from Mcdonalds.

I don’t but it’s lovely to have the offer.


15+ years ago I was briefly friends with someone and then we fell out

He subsequently friend requested me 10 times over the next couple of years

I’ve just been on LinkedIn and it told me that he viewed my profile a month ago :grimacing:

creamy leek, mustard and black bomber toastie, side salad, lemon viennesse whirl


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Almost bought a Summery jumpsuit then remembered I’d have to get naked everytime I need a wee :upside_down_face:

I keep almost buying jumpsuits and that sort of thing and then stopping myself for the same reason. Imagine if it’s cold and you’ve got like a bag, coat and cardigan to deal with before you can even undo the jumpsuit

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Lunch was good

Edit : not a pizza


Just truck me, it’s my Friday :partying_face:. My last out of office said I’d be back 14th Dec.


Congratulations :tada:

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I kept forgetting and wearing playsuits to festivals. Have you even lived if you haven’t been butt naked in a portaloo with a broken lock?


But you can pretend you are Ripley in Aliens

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I like your partners jumper :grinning: